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© Luciano Beltrán Gómez
butic students' impressive renders for the 13th Annual Rookie Awards

Enter a world of vibrant and inspiring 3D creations as we showcase the impressive Rookies entries of butic The New School's students.

© Nicklas Byriel
Bridging the gap: CG Spectrum creates unity between archviz and education

CG Spectrum's new academic program aims to bridge the gap between students and the 3D industry. Learn about its format from its curriculum leader, Nicklas Byriel.

© Adán Martin
School-ing founder Adán Martín as an artist, educator and leader in the archviz world

Explore the intersection of archviz and education and discover Adán Martín’s journey toward inspiring the 3D artists of tomorrow.

© Filippo Garofalo
Teaching V-Ray: A mentor's exploration of fine art and technology

Dedicated V-Ray mentor Filippo Garofalo talks about teaching Chaos and reveals how software can bridge the gap between photography, art, and technology.

© Shangyu Wang
What judges look for in winning student rendering challenge entries

Chaos China’s Shusen Zhao talks to render challenge winners and judges about their journeys in 3D, finding inspiration — and how they choose competition winners.

© Nadezhda Kutyreva
DesignMorphine thesis projects rendered in V-Ray: Part 2

What does the future hold for us? DesignMorphine graduate students visualize resilient homes, interstellar stages, and more in their master thesis projects.

© Marko Alab Samwel Adviento
DesignMorphine thesis projects rendered in V-Ray: Part 1

DesignMorphine graduates share their incredible master thesis projects and tell us how V-Ray and its features have become crucial parts of their design workflow.

© Carlos Gálvez
"Space Vacation" Student Rendering Challenge is ready for take-off!

Your invitation to an out-of-this-world getaway: fire up your 3D software, add rocket fuel to your imagination, and take us to your dream space vacation spot.

Triple One Collection by Arc Media
How V-Ray makes it easy for anyone to render

Rendering engines can look scary — but they’re really not. Chaos expert Ricardo Eloy explains how V-Ray takes the complexity out of your first photoreal render.

© 3D College Denmark
Teaching at 3D College Denmark

Back in school: 3D College students are combining in-class lectures with online tools to further their learning. Nicklas Byriel updates us on his students’ achievements.

© Creative Lighting
How Creative Lighting is shaping the inventive minds of arch viz professionals

Lightbulb moments: Find out how students at Nikos Nikolopolous’ Creative Lighting courses learn to take a cinematographic approach to illuminating their scenes.

How to be a fearless 3D artist (Chaos Campus Live Show Pilot Episode Recap)

Educators Nikos Nikolopolous and Nicklas Byriel reveal what it takes to enter the field of 3D, and how to stay motivated and creative. Plus, top Light Mix tricks.

How DesignMorphine bridges the gap between design and technology

How do you teach computational thinking? DesignMorphine talks us through how its new Master of Science program is creating and empowering designers of tomorrow.

© Seonghyeon Park
Crafting feathers and fur for this student rendering challenge-winning image

Come fly with squee: Seonghyeon Park’s unique image scooped the public vote in our student rendering contest. He tells us about its inspiration and creation.

© Gnomon School
Gnomon students pave the way for the future of 3D

To get a better understanding of exactly how Chaos Cloud is used at Gnomon, we decided to get in touch with the actual users themselves - the students.

© Gnomon School
How Chaos Cloud helps Gnomon students thrive

Gnomon is known as the creative powerhouse of 3D training. Beau Janzen, Education Lead, VFX program shares how Chaos Cloud helps students create their best work.

Elvira Trofimova
How a Gnomon graduate brings anime characters to life

A robot in the headlights: Elvira Trofimova’s dazzling image brings FLCL's Canti and Haruko to life. Find out how V-Ray for Maya helped her create and render it.

© Think Tank
How V-Ray fuels creativity in Think Tank students

Think Tank is a world class training centre for feature film, video game, and television production.

© Gnomon School
Top 10 reasons to take part in student rendering challenges

Student competitions launch careers, enhance skill sets, and inspire amazing artwork. Find out how taking part is your shortcut to the professional world.

© FlyingArchitecture
"Create a Better World" Student Rendering Challenge begins

Dare to dream big and render the world your way. We invite you to demonstrate your passion for 3D art by using your imagination and skill to create a better world.

A microphone next to a colorful piano covered with chalk words© Ines Dga
Coldplay and Corona Renderer: Student competition winner interviewed

Ines Dga’s atmospheric Corona Renderer for 3ds Max piece attracted thousands of likes on social media—and won the public vote in our student rendering challenge.

© Hwiyeon Cho
V-Ray for Maya renders student contest-winning image

Hwiyeon Cho’s eye-catching “Poppyland” won the Jury Prize in our “Illumination” student rendering competition. Discover V-Ray for Maya’s role in its creation.

A big mech churns up dust in the desert© Isaac Zuren
Meet the student challenge winner now working at ILM

Isaac Zuren tells us how winning our 2018 student rendering challenge helped him land a prestigious job at ILM and offers his tips from the professional world.

A woman looks at a computer screen showing visual effects software
How Science Fiction Film School is nurturing a new generation of VFX artists

Graduates of South Korea’s Science Fiction Film School now work in Hollywood and beyond. Find out how they’re taught technical and creative skills.

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