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Measure your system's rendering speed.

V-Ray Benchmark is a free tool that measures how fast your system renders. Rendering performance evaluation can be done using CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, or a combination of both.

We’ve also included a comprehensive benchmark scene designed to thoroughly evaluate and compare the capabilities of both the RTX and CUDA-based V-Ray 6 render engines.

Get results fast.

V-Ray Benchmark tests only take a minute. Or you can loop tests for longer testing on your system.

Test CPU & GPU speeds.

Benchmark any combination of CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs with V-Ray’s cutting-edge rendering tech.

Compare your scores.

A simple scoring method makes it easy for you to compare your system configuration with others.

What's new

Here’s what’s new in V-Ray 6 Benchmark:
Looping tests

Use loop tests to push hardware limits and to measure peak system performance.

Compare V-Ray GPU rendering modes

Measure how RTX & CUDA GPU rendering modes compare to one another.

New benchmark scene

Put your hardware through its paces with a new test scene designed for both the RTX and CUDA engines.

Benchmark Apple silicon

V-Ray 6 Benchmark now supports Apple Silicon chips.


Easy sign-in

Use your Chaos, Trimble, or Google account to sign in to the app.

Share & compare results

Save, view, and share your benchmark scores on social media and compare them with others in the database.

Side-by-side comparison

Select up to 3 configurations at a time and review the results side by side.

Detailed data

Get all the configuration details including number of cores, clock speed, hyper-threading, and more.

Advanced search

Filter results by device name, number of devices, number of cores, and more.

Browse, compare and share results

Make use of the mobile version of to view and share results on the go.

You can still access the V-Ray 5 Benchmark results.

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Get started with V-Ray Benchmark.

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