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Redefining virtual production workflows.

Developing the first-ever path-tracing solution for virtual shoots — seamlessly blending the physical and digital.

What is virtual production?

Virtual production empowers filmmakers and directors to visualize live-action footage within virtual environments. This facilitates on-the-fly creative decisions, accelerating workflows across production and post-production and resulting in cost savings and increased flexibility.

Virtual production can be used in many different phases of the filmmaking process, including virtual scouting, pre-visualization, in-camera visual effects, real-time compositing, and motion capture. Because the rendering is done live, filmmakers can make decisions, such as composition and lighting, and adjust them in real-time. And, with LED volumes, they can even capture those choices in-camera and produce shots that are indistinguishable from location cinematography.

Pushing the boundaries of virtual production.

For the past year, the Chaos Innovation Lab team has delved into the potential applications of our real-time path-tracing technology for in-camera visual effects (ICVFX) on virtual production stages. The culmination of this research is Project Arena, a solution that seamlessly integrates virtual shoots into the overall production pipeline.  Enabling direct utilization of film production assets without any preprocessing, Project Arena will eliminate the need for scene stripping, asset conversion, or baking. Our goal is to help maximize efficiency, reduce production costs, and make virtual production more accessible. 

We aim to create a solution that: 

  • Uses the same V-Ray assets across all production stages and thus ensures work continuity and simplifies the pipeline.
  • Handles scenes of immense complexity & can scale.
  • Delivers highly realistic results while providing the flexibility for on-set adjustments in real-time.

Go behind the scenes.

Join us as we take you behind the scenes for a sneak peek of Chaos Innovation Lab’s work on Project Arena. 

Learn more about the process - how we got here, the challenges we faced, how it all worked out, and what’s next.

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Want to see Project Arena in action on your LED stage or even put it to the test in an actual production? Contact us and become part of redefining virtual production workflows.


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