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© CGI Patrick Weber
© CGI Patrick Weber

How to get started with Chaos Phoenix

See our collection of learning resources.

Begin your journey now.

To give you a head start, we’ve compiled a number of useful learning resources. This includes all the tutorials, webinars, and documentation you need to master the ins and outs of Phoenix and become an expert in dynamic FX.


Setup & installation

Follow our step-by-step guides to get up and running with Phoenix quickly and easily.

Start with the basics

Learn what Chaos Phoenix is, and what you can do with it. Understand simulation fundamentals and how you can use Phoenix’s powerful capabilities to achieve a wide variety of effects. Find out how to set up your first Phoenix simulation, the different parameters available, and much more.

Want to go to the next level?

Check out our Chaos Phoenix in-depth articles, tutorials, and how-to videos, designed for users of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Directing velocities

Explore how you can effortlessly create velocities in any desired direction, get realistic results faster thanks to the new adaptive grid option in ocean mode, analyze your scenes and optimize them to speed up simulations, and more.

Deforming fire and liquid simulations

Explore how you can deform volumes and particles in no time. Achieve different looks by playing with modifiers. See how to customize mist for even more realistic results, using absorption color and phase function, and much more.

Using Force Streamlines

Learn how to use Streamlines to get a preview of how forces will affect your simulation before it even starts. See how to customize your previews, use them to create different effects, and convert them into native 3ds Max and Maya splines.

Using the Standalone Simulator

Discover how using the Phoenix Standalone Simulator can help you optimize your workflow. See how to use the animated transform of geometries, increase grid resolution and retime simulations. And much more.

© Hammer Chen
Creating a burning tower

Learn how to set up a flamethrower and a burning watchtower using Phoenix and thinkingParticles. We cover everything from modelling to particle dynamics, simulating realistic fire, shading, rendering, and much more.

From the blog

Download free scenes

Our free scenes will help you understand how you can use Chaos Phoenix’s features to create everything from entry-level to advanced effects. Plus, you can explore the parameters for yourself.  


Help docs

Learn everything you need to know about Chaos Phoenix.

Chaos documentation is the best place to find in-depth explanations on features and parameters, as well as detailed information on various settings.

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