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Architectural rendering

Find out how architects, artists and designers use V-Ray to plan and visualize their most incredible architectural rendering projects.
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What is architectural rendering?

Architectural rendering is the process of taking an architect’s design and using software to create 2D and 3D photorealistic visualizations. These allow everyone involved in a project to see into the future and find out how a building will look. They also make it easier to make decisions and create better designs.

While it sounds simple, there are a potentially infinite number of options available for each project. What time of day will we depict in the image? Which angle accentuates the building’s features best?

Sometimes architectural renderings can be created in-house by a dedicated team or individual, or they can be outsourced to architectural visualization companies that specialize in creating eye-catching imagery. 

Chaos V-Ray is the number one software for architectural rendering

Almost everyone who creates architectural renders uses V-Ray®: In CGarchitect's Architectural Visualization Rendering Survey, almost 65% of respondents said they use the software. Architects and designers can use V-Ray to render any size project, from a home remodel to a city masterplan, exactly as it will look when it's built.

How is V-Ray used for architectural rendering?

Early renders

Realistic architectural rendering plays a role right from the very beginning of a project. A massing model is used to define the physical constraints around a building and work out how it will fit in with the surrounding environment. V-Ray can help with quick but accurate renders of this crucial step.

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Perfecting designs

V-Ray is there to help with the evolution of an architectural rendering project. Property owners, planning authorities and the architects themselves can benefit from photorealistic renders and virtual reality tours to explore ideas and the building’s impact on its locale.


Potential buyers and investors can be won over with glossy images and slick videos that show what it will be like to live in their dream homes. With V-Ray, artists have access to an array of tools that can really bring a project to life and make it look stunning.

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Work simply & in harmony with your favourite tools.

Intuitive controls and compatibility are a must when time is of the essence. V-Ray is easy to learn — and it gets easier to use with each new version — and it’s compatible with the most popular plugins for arch viz, including Forest Pack, Railclone, Substance Painter, plus many more. When your tools work together, everything is faster.

Chaos Cosmos

Entourage such as trees, vehicles and people can be used at every stage of the design process to add realism and a sense of scale, and help make decisions. Chaos has made this easy and accessible with Chaos Cosmos, a library of over 4000 free assets. Everything in Cosmos has been curated by Chaos and optimized for V-Ray and real-time with Chaos Vantage, so users can add content with the added confidence that it will work flawlessly.

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Real-time rendering

Chaos Vantage is a standalone product that works with V-Ray scenes (.vrscene files) generated from any version of V-Ray. By harnessing NVIDIA's RTX-series graphics cards, Chaos Vantage can present a photorealistic real-time ray traced view of any scene — even if it has billions of polygons.

See how V-Ray is used for architectural rendering projects.

Made with V-Ray

Stunning photorealistic architectural renders created by our clients.

Our software for architectural rendering

Fast photoreal CPU & GPU rendering for artists and designers in architecture, games, VFX and VR.

The quick, easy-to-use secret for bringing SketchUp projects to life with exceptional realism.

The essential rendering software for architecture, automotive and product design workflows.

Professional rendering for architects, seamlessly integrated with the world’s top BIM application.

Professional 3D rendering software for Cinema 4D artists and designers.

The fastest way to bring V-Ray scenes into real-time and render ray-traced images directly from Unreal.

Powerful, artist-friendly simulation software capable of a wide range of effects including smoke, fire and liquid effects in both 3ds Max and Maya.

Hundreds of high-quality models and HDRI skies that work perfectly with your V-Ray projects.

Create interactive experiences in real-time — in a 100% raytraced environment.

A professional image sequence player, designed for fast and smooth playback.

An easy cloud rendering solution that uploads scenes right out of V-Ray.

Trusted by architects & designers worldwide

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