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Lifelike 3D/4D characters and realistically moving crowds, all in one.
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Bring your visualizations to life with anima ALL.  

In 2023, Chaos acquired AXYZ design, bringing the renowned anima® ALL software into our professional 3D ecosystem. Dive into our vast library of 4D moving humans to help you tell stunning visual stories. Set up neural crowds faster and easier. Based on the streaming capabilities of modern multi-core CPUs and GPUs, anima® ALL lets you create both crowds of people for the backgrounds of your images and use 4D characters in the foreground. 


All-in-one software solution to populate your visualizations quickly and easily.


Constantly expanding 3D and 4D people characters collection.


Why anima ALL?

Innovative crowd system 

Anima ALL introduces advanced animation and crowd technology. Our crowd generation engine utilizes AI trained on motion-captured movements to create realistic crowds seamlessly. Additionally, our 4D walking people offer extreme naturalness, adapting to trajectories required by your shots, enhancing realism.

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Seamless workflow integration 

Anima ALL seamlessly integrates into your digital content creation process. Work within your preferred software, export animations, and refine them easily within anima ALL for an efficient workflow. 

Unmatched realism 

Anima ALL provides lifelike animations with exceptional realism. Experience dynamic movements, genuine facial expressions, and striking light and shadow effects. Our hyper-realistic 4D scanned animations/people, reflecting real-life movements, enhance the authenticity of your projects.

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© Narrativ.

Growing people asset library 

Anima's growing people asset library continuously evolves, offering an extensive range of diverse characters and realistic motion options. From various demographics to unique movement sets, our library is designed to cater to any scene or project requirement.



Anima ALL seamlessly integrates with leading content creation platforms and rendering software.

Recommended OS: Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit or Windows 11 64 bit. Read more in the FAQ
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Note that you will be redirected to the AXYZ site to complete the purchase.

Any questions? We're here to help.

What is anima ALL?

 Anima ALL is the complete solution for populating 3D scenes with photorealistic 3D characters quickly and easily. It gives 3D artists unlimited access to an asset library with thousands of 3D people models and 4D characters in motion plus the anima software, plugins and tools in one affordable subscription. Anima ALL is for ArchViz professionals, who need a user-friendly solution to help them create visualizations with small groups of 3D people or animations with large masses of fully animated crowds in few clicks.  

How can I purchase anima ALL?

At present, you can purchase anima ALL from the AXYZ design site by following the link under #Pricing 

Is anima ALL compatible with my 3D software?

If you use 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, or Unreal Engine, you will be able to import and render the scenes and characters generated with anima through the plugins supplied with the product. These models require an active anima license to operate. 

Can I add additional seats?

Yes, you can add new seats at any time. If you need more information on additional seats please contact us.

Can I use anima ALL on multiple computers?

Yes, each seat you subscribe to can be used on four different computers, as long as they are not used at the same time. The administration of your computers can be done from the AXYZ subscription control panel.

What are the system requirements for anima?
  • Intel® i5 or AMD FX processor or better.
  • Recommended OS: Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit or Windows 11 64 bit. Minimum OS requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit.
  • Recommended: 32 GB RAM. Minimum: 8GB RAM. 
  • Available hard disk space 10 GB.
  • DirectX® 10 or OpenGL® capable graphics card. Recommended -  1Gb VRAM. Recommended 8 Gb.
  • Currently does not support Apple & Linux OS.
Is anima ALL compatible with my DCC tool?

If you use 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya or Unreal Engine on Windows you will be able to import and render the scenes and characters generated with anima® through the plugins supplied with the product.

However, note that it will not be possible to convert the scenes and characters to any standard format (FBX, COLLADA, ALEMBIC).

What are 4D people models?

4D people are scanned animated models that add an unmatched level of depth and authenticity to 3D designs. The technology behind anima 5 and above makes it possible to display an impressive amount of data in real-time, meaning that 3D artists can expect smooth and realistic animations with consistently high FPS (frames per second) for an optimal user experience.  

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Lifelike 4D characters and realistically moving crowds, all in one.
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