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Chaos Corona

Photorealistic architectural rendering for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.
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Photorealism made easy.

Chaos® Corona is the only renderer created specifically for high-end architectural visualization. Be an artist, not a technician, and achieve photorealism with greater ease than other rendering software.

Easy to use

Usability is Corona’s most powerful feature. Render setup is as simple as pressing “Render”. Most new users learn Corona in just one day — and fall in love with it in two.

Unmatched quality

Corona delivers predictable, reliable, and physically plausible results with no compromises in quality. Realistic lighting and materials, including caustics, are yours right out of the box.

Render-ready content

From models and assets, to skies and materials, Corona comes with everything you need to build your scene. And the asset library is ever growing!

Intuitive workflow

Corona constantly introduces powerful workflow tools which save you tons of time in the design process and make rendering easier and faster.

Seamless integration

All Corona features are tightly integrated into Autodesk 3ds Max and Maxon Cinema 4D to ensure the best user experience and impeccable results.

Part of an ecosystem

As a Corona user, you are backed by the award-winning Chaos family. Make the most of the Chaos tools guaranteed to integrate smoothly with your favorite render engine.

Add more render power.

Save up to 60% with Corona Render Node packs.

Key features

Check out the full list of features available in Corona for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.

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User spotlight.

Watch the 2023 showreel from London-based, industry-leading rendering agency Recent Spaces to see what Corona is capable of.

What’s new in Corona 12.

Effortlessly export your Corona scenes to Vantage, navigate them in real-time, and render images in seconds. Achieve stunning photorealism in Corona 12 with the new Virtual Frame Buffer, Corona Pattern improvements, curved decals, a new procedural scatter refinement tool, and more.

Steven Bracki
Bracki Creative
What attracted me to Corona in the first place was its simplicity. It just felt a lot easier to use than many of the other render engines I have used in the past.
Nikos Nikolopoulos
Founder/Creative Director
Creative Lighting
As the Founder and Creative Director at Creative Lighting, my continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation led me to Chaos Corona, a tool that has revolutionized our workflow and redefined our creative expression.
Florin Botea
Senior 3D Artist
I remember telling my girlfriend (also a 3D artist at Brick) about this new render engine, and she tried it out before me. Right from the first try she managed to do a really nice interior image with not one but two different moods using LightMix. I was hooked. I started watching tutorials, gave it a try, and fell in love.


Corona is preferred by talented 3D artists around the world. Enjoy the stunning work of our users.

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