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© xoio
Exploring the dynamic role of AI in Xoio’s CG pipeline

Explore AI's potential in archviz and learn how xoio integrates it into their workflow, giving you insight into both its benefits and challenges.

© Squire & Partners
AI's role in enriching visual experiences: An interview with Squire & Partners

Uncover the impact of AI on visual experiences in our exclusive interview with Alejandro Oostlander from Squire & Partners, and learn how AI enhances the studio’s workflow and visuals.

Image generated with Midjourney
How AI rendering is revolutionizing architecture design

AI rendering is making waves in the world of architecture. Join us to understand how this new technology has the potential to change architecture as we know it.

A v-ray render of timber-clad apartments with birds© Prompt
Prompt on prompts: Creative studio talks AI

Francesco Testa, founder of archviz and creative studio Prompt, gives his thoughts on the past, present, and future of AI and what it means for artists.

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