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How fast is Corona on your hardware?

Run the free Corona Benchmark app to find out.

Test your system’s rendering speed using Corona Benchmark.

Corona Benchmark is a free application built on the Corona 10 rendering core that assesses your system's performance by rendering a scene using Corona 10, without needing to run or install any additional software. It allows you to evaluate your system's rendering capabilities with Corona, and you can compare your score with others to ensure your hardware is operating at its peak efficiency, or simply for enjoyment.

Compare your scores.

Check if your machine is performing as well as it should and see what improvements (if any) result from changing something about your hardware, BIOS settings, or Operating System settings.

Test before you buy.

Make an informed decision on what hardware to buy by making sure it gives you a notable performance improvement.

Push hardware limits.

Stress test your machine to ensure that the cooling can keep up with your CPU when it is hard at work (via command console).


Installation and use.

Corona Benchmark is incredibly simple to use - download the archive, extract it, and then run the file. Rendering will begin, and will stop again after exactly 1 minute.


Based on rays-per-second

Corona determines the color of each pixel by sending rays into the scene and analyzing the materials, lights and other components that affect it. Corona Benchmark runs for a fixed duration and then shows your machine's performance in rays per second (rays/s), where higher values mean better performance.

Get a summary of your system

Corona Benchmark gives you a summary of your system, including which processor it has (CPU), what frequency it is operating at, how many physical and logical cores it offers, and how much RAM is installed.

Check how your machine measures up

Compare your machine’s performance to the scores of others. If you want, submit your own score to contribute to the pool of information.

Save your results

Once the benchmark is complete, you can save your results to a local file on your machine. After you update your system, you can easily rerun the test to compare with the saved results.

View the target image

Since all Benchmark tests last just 1 minute, it is normal for all machines to generate a noisy test result. With Corona Benchmark you can always view a clean version of your test scene.

Get started with Corona Benchmark.

For more detailed information, check out Chaos docs.
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