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Articles in VFX

© Christian Debney
How V-Ray, Phoenix, and Chaos Cloud helped “Starship” shoot for Mars

Christian Debney’s SpaceX-inspired short film ignites rocket fuel and tugs heartstrings. Find out how the director launched human feelings into outer space.

Discovering a passion for VFX and fluid simulation (Chaos Campus Live Show Episode 5 Recap)

We love celebrating colleagues who innovate and inspire. Meet the most passionate VFX simulation guy around: Georgi Zhekov, Phoenix Product Specialist at Chaos.

Going Big: Award-winning Brazilian creative studio talks rendering with Chaos Cloud

Big Studios has mastered everything from cute animations to realistic car renders. CCO Ricardo Passos tells us how they work and the benefits of adopting Chaos Cloud.

© Moon Earth
Filmmaker shares secrets for out-of-this-world space renders

Cinematographer and VFX artist Oliver Bou Eid’s trailer for “Moon Earth Revolution” looks like a real sci-fi movie. Learn his secrets for that outer-space look.

© Gamee
G-Bots and V-Ray: A match made in Chaos Cloud

G-Bots sit at the heart of GAMEE’s crypto-powered gaming platform. Find out how V-Ray for 3ds Max and Chaos Cloud help bring these premium characters to life.

Frame48 © Warner Music Group
This is Halloween: How Frame48 designed a Muse video built for horror fans

“The Shining” and “IT” nods aren’t the only cool things in Muse's latest video. Learn how V-Ray helped create everything from melting portraits to handheld shots.

V-Ray VFX & Animation Showreel 2022

This year’s V-Ray VFX showreel has it all—featuring some of the biggest visual effects from blockbuster movies, TV series, game cinematics, ads, and more.

Scanline VFX © 2022 Netflix
How Scanline VFX created some of "Stranger Things 4’s" most talked-about sequences

The latest season of Netflix’s megahit includes some of its scariest scenes yet. Scanline VFX’s Justin Mitchell reveals how V-Ray rendering helped tackle them.

© Netflix
Behind-the-scenes of “Bad Travelling,” part 1: Collaborating with David Fincher

Love Death & Robots’ “Bad Travelling” gave Blur Studio a chance to work alongside legendary director David Fincher. Find out what they learned in the process.

© Netflix
Behind-the-scenes of “Bad Travelling,” part 2: How to light like David Fincher

In the second part of our “Love, Death & Robots” episode breakdown, Blur Studio tells us how they worked with director David Fincher to dramatically light shots.

How a small team created this thrilling Apex Legends fan trailer

A handful of Apex Legends fans came together to create this stunning pandemic passion project. Discover how V-Ray rendering helped them up their game.

© & TM 2021 MARVEL © 2021 CTMG
Behind the Scenes of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man is back and so is V-Ray! Learn how famed VFX studio Digital Domain rendered seamless digidoubles for the friends and foes of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Scanline VFX © Lionsgate
Behind the scenes of "Moonfall’s" Aspen chase

Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster flick includes a dramatic car chase through a ski resort. We talk to Scanline’s Mathew Giampa about how they did it.

The power of self-discipline when chasing dreams (Chaos Campus Live Show Episode 1 Recap)

Chaos student rendering competition winner Isaac Zuren reveals the courage and discipline it takes to not only reach our dreams but keep on growing afterward.

Scanline VFX © Warner Bros. Pictures
Building Gotham for “The Batman”

The DC universe’s greatest detective is back. We talk to Scanline VFX’s Julius Lechner about creating truly immersive environments for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.”

© Allan McKay
Allan McKay on how to automate everything as a technical director

In Show 5, Emmy Award-winning Technical Director Allan McKay focuses on the importance of automating everything to optimize your workflow and reap the benefits of the scripts and tools made available in rendering software.

A man and a woman look at a tentacle-like buildingScanline © 20th Century Studios
How V-Ray powered up Free Guy’s visual effects

“Free Guy” brings videogame mayhem to the big screen. Scanline VFX Supervisor Bryan Grill tells us how rendering with V-Ray for 3ds Max helped control the action.

© a52
V-Ray VFX & Animation Showreel 2021

Check out our 2021 reel, packed full with outstanding VFX work by V-Ray customers from around the world. True masters of their craft.

 A gray Lexus ES Hybrid drives down a banana-strewn streetArtjail © Lexus
Going bananas with V-Ray for Houdini

Artjail’s Lexus spot features bendy fruit falling from the sky. Head of 3D Ross Denner tells us how V-Ray for Houdini was instrumental in this imaginative ad.

A young woman looks at her glowing finger© Daydream Films
Cloud rendering “Ascendant’s” effects

Sci-fi thriller “Ascendant” features the elevator journey from hell. VFX Supervisor Christian Debney tells us how Chaos Cloud took its effects to another level.

© Nu Boyana FX
Say hi to I.D.A., Nu Boyana FX’s digital human

What started as an R&D project evolved into a thought-provoking short film. Here’s how Nu Boyana FX used V-Ray for Maya to create a photorealistic digital human.

A girl stands in front of a carousel with people riding rabbitsMondlicht Studios, Rhubarb Agency © Amazon Studios
Epic advertising with V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max

Mondlicht Studios and Rhubarb Agency’s campaigns for “Utopia,” “Altered Carbon” and “Alta Mar” are humongous. Find out how V-Ray for 3ds Max helped create them.

Elastic © RMTV
V-Ray VFX & Animation Showreel 2020

We are proud to showcase our 2020 VFX reel, premiered during our first 24 Hours of Chaos livestream event. Huge thanks to the many studios who contributed.

A cartoon woman on a yellow rubber chicken ahead of a clown car with many laughing clowns© Capitol Records
Making Katy Perry “Smile” with V-Ray for 3ds Max

CG artist Pedro Conti had just 6 weeks to deliver high-quality content for musical megastar’s latest promo. Here’s how V-Ray for 3ds Max helped him hit deadlines.

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