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Perpetual license upgrades.

Switch to a subscription plan or upgrade to the latest version.

Switch to a subscription plan.

Migrate your V-Ray perpetual license to one of our subscription plans and get a discount off the first year.

The discount varies depending on the product version of your license:

V-Ray 5 perpetual license holders get 40% off.
V-Ray Next perpetual license holders get 30% off.
V-Ray 3 perpetual license holders get 20% off.

The offer is applied on 1-to-1 basis (one single perpetual license to one V-Ray Solo, Premium or Enterprise license). The original perpetual license will still be active after the switch.

Upgrade to the latest version.

If you have a V-Ray perpetual license version 3, Next or 5 and you would like to stay on a perpetual license but move to version 6, you can still do so. 

Currently, upgrades to version 6 are available for V-Ray for 3ds Max, V-Ray for Maya, V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray for Rhino & V-Ray for Revit license holders. Upgrades to V-Ray 6 for other V-Ray integrations will be possible upon their release to the new version.

See upgrade pricing >

Upgrades are also available for V-Ray Render Node.

See Render Node upgrade pricing >

You can migrate or upgrade your perpetual license under the Products section in My Chaos.

Need help with your options?

Our team will assist you find the best option to upgrade your license.
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