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Chaos Player

Your fastest route from render to playback.

A professional image sequence player designed for fast and smooth playback.

Fast-forward your digital review workflow with Chaos Player. Play back your own or your team’s animation output as soon as rendering is complete. Review new and updated frames in an instant. Chaos Player also lets you perform basic compositing, color grading, and editing in real-time, even while playback is running. And so much more. 


Designed for fast, smooth playback of high-resolution image sequences.

Smart cache

Instantly load and playback newly rendered and updated frames.


Create multi-layered compositions and make changes in real-time.


Composite, color grade and edit layers while playback is running.

Remote work

Broadcast and collaborate with your teams with intuitive markup & annotation tools.

Professional quality

Work seamlessly in high dynamic range and output to all industry-standard formats.


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Chaos Player, update 1 is here.

Manage your projects even better with contact sheets. Easily review and choose between sequence versions, and ensure that your render elements contain all the necessary image data. 

Save time and work with Chaos Player even more intuitively thanks to all the enhancements that update 1 introduces. Plus, we’ve added a number of fixes requested on the forum. 



Playback image sequences

Playback high-resolution image sequences quickly and efficiently with Chaos Player’s smart caching system. New and updated frames load instantly.

Layer sequences

Layer multiple sequences for simultaneous playback. By stacking layers, you can composite, edit and cut, tech check, and more.

A/B Wipe Compare

Compare up to four versions of a shot in playback. Swipe and zoom into the details to tech-check and perfect your own and other people’s work.

Contact sheet

Manage projects even better with tracks now visualized in a sheet. Easily review and choose between sequence versions. Ensure that your render elements contain all the necessary image data.

Export to MP4

Export your cuts, edits, and compositions to MP4 videos or choose from a variety of image formats.


Composite layers quickly and easily in real-time while playback is running. Export to Adobe After Effects or Foundry’s Nuke for final output.

Adjust colors

Quickly and easily fine-tune exposure, contrast, color balance, and layer blending modes in real-time while playback is running.

Edit and cut

Quickly arrange your shots, cut sequences, or add animated fade effects.

Broadcast and collaborate

Share previews of your animations on an HTTP server or directly on a broadcast monitor. Share ideas with your team by adding text and brush annotations.

Key and grade on set

Key, composite, and grade live on set and in real time.

Command line support

Seamlessly integrate Chaos Player into your pipeline with extensive command-line support.

Chaos Player supports all industry standards as well as all industry-standard formats: OpenEXR (multi-channel and multi-part), .VRIMG, .MP4, Lookup table (LUT), OpenColorIO v2, Adobe After Effects .jsx, Foundry Nuke .nk, and many more. See the full list >

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To get started with Chaos Player and learn about all its functionalities, see our online documentation.

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Watch this video to learn more about Chaos Player and what you can do with it when it comes to reviewing image sequences.

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