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Articles by Henry Winchester

Small scale, big heart: making a music video for Emicida

Pedro Conti kept it simple in this video for Brazilian rapper Emicida’s “Acabou, mas tem…” Find out how V-Ray for 3ds Max’s features helped realize the project.

© Christian Debney
How V-Ray, Phoenix, and Chaos Cloud helped “Starship” shoot for Mars

Christian Debney’s SpaceX-inspired short film ignites rocket fuel and tugs heartstrings. Find out how the director launched human feelings into outer space.

V-Ray wins Leader badge and more in G2’s spring 2023 Grid Report

We’re gonna need a bigger sweater: Software review service awards V-Ray with badges for customer satisfaction, performance in Europe, user scores, and more.

The Ocean Cleanup / Oliver Kentner
Talking garbage with 3D artist Oliver Kentner

3D artist Oliver Kentner reveals how he uses V-Ray for 3ds Max, Chaos Phoenix, and tyFlow to simulate and visualize The Ocean Cleanup’s trash-collecting systems.

a v-ray render of a house in the woods with stairs, big windows, mist© BOC
The natural touch: Using Chaos Vantage to create outstanding archviz

Chaos Vantage’s real-time ray-traced rendering revolutionized BOC’s workflow. The archviz studio’s co-founder, Dương Thanh Nguyên, shares his favorite features.

Going Big: Award-winning Brazilian creative studio talks rendering with Chaos Cloud

Big Studios has mastered everything from cute animations to realistic car renders. CCO Ricardo Passos tells us how they work and the benefits of adopting Chaos Cloud.

5 things we learned at ASAI’s Architecture in Perspective Conference

The American Society of Architectural Illustrators visited London for its 37th conference — and Chaos was there. Discover what we learned from the industry’s luminaries.

© Moon Earth
Filmmaker shares secrets for out-of-this-world space renders

Cinematographer and VFX artist Oliver Bou Eid’s trailer for “Moon Earth Revolution” looks like a real sci-fi movie. Learn his secrets for that outer-space look.

© Gamee
G-Bots and V-Ray: A match made in Chaos Cloud

G-Bots sit at the heart of GAMEE’s crypto-powered gaming platform. Find out how V-Ray for 3ds Max and Chaos Cloud help bring these premium characters to life.

© Netflix
Behind-the-scenes of “Bad Travelling,” part 2: How to light like David Fincher

In the second part of our “Love, Death & Robots” episode breakdown, Blur Studio tells us how they worked with director David Fincher to dramatically light shots.

© Netflix
Behind-the-scenes of “Bad Travelling,” part 1: Collaborating with David Fincher

Love Death & Robots’ “Bad Travelling” gave Blur Studio a chance to work alongside legendary director David Fincher. Find out what they learned in the process.

How a small team created this thrilling Apex Legends fan trailer

A handful of Apex Legends fans came together to create this stunning pandemic passion project. Discover how V-Ray rendering helped them up their game.

Pixel x Paper x Press — How Chaos Scans is uniting the digital and the physical

London event brings together Chaos, material firms Foilco and Winter & Company, and visualization studio Where Giants Roam for a look at the future of design.

Scanline VFX © Lionsgate
Behind the scenes of "Moonfall’s" Aspen chase

Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster flick includes a dramatic car chase through a ski resort. We talk to Scanline’s Mathew Giampa about how they did it.

Scanline VFX © Warner Bros. Pictures
Building Gotham for “The Batman”

The DC universe’s greatest detective is back. We talk to Scanline VFX’s Julius Lechner about creating truly immersive environments for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.”

eder © Mercedes-Benz
How eder speeds up automotive visualization with Chaos’ powerful V-Ray AppSDK

eder’s VR-Mockup software produces hundreds of photorealistic car and product configurations at the touch of a button. Find out how it’s powered by V-Ray AppSDK.

© Ian Spriggs
Beauty is more than skin-deep: Ian Spriggs talks about his remarkable new portrait

Having mastered the digital portrait, Ian Spriggs is going beneath the skin. He tells us how V-Ray for Maya’s AL Surface shader brought “Prometheus” to life.

© Recom Farmhouse
How the rendering power of Chaos Cloud helps Recom Farmhouse hit big deadlines

V-Ray for Maya frees creative studio Recom Farmhouse’s imagination — and Chaos Cloud ensures it delivers work on time. Owner Christoph Bolten tells us more.

© Seonghyeon Park
Crafting feathers and fur for this student rendering challenge-winning image

Come fly with squee: Seonghyeon Park’s unique image scooped the public vote in our student rendering contest. He tells us about its inspiration and creation.

A man and a woman look at a tentacle-like buildingScanline © 20th Century Studios
How V-Ray powered up Free Guy’s visual effects

“Free Guy” brings videogame mayhem to the big screen. Scanline VFX Supervisor Bryan Grill tells us how rendering with V-Ray for 3ds Max helped control the action.

© Glass Cow Studio
Creating communal coziness in V-Ray for SketchUp

Glass Cow Studio’s Adam Clark has demonstrated his arch-viz skills with this autumnal project. We find out how V-Ray 5 for SketchUp helped him create it.

© Ian Spriggs / The Juice Bar
Read an exclusive excerpt from Ian Spriggs' book

Digital portrait artist extraordinaire Ian Spriggs gets under the skin of his artworks in “A Portrait of the Digital Age.” Here, he presents an exclusive excerpt.

A Sardinian villa with swimming pool, a sea view and plants© Maticad
How V-Ray App SDK powers Maticad’s DomuS3D software

Interior designers around the world rely on DomuS3D to plan and visualize projects. Founder Franco Ampollini tells us how V-Ray App SDK has enhanced this software.

© Patrick Ng
Does a CG telescope work like a real one?

3D visualizer Patrick Ng tested V-Ray for 3ds Max’s physically accurate rendering with a precise telescope model. Find out how he did it—and if it worked.

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