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© Blauw Films
© Blauw Films

Blauw Films’ unique approach to open-source filmmaking

Exploring the world of Blauw Films: Delve into the studio's unique approach to democratizing filmmaking, its aesthetic vision, and the impact of Corona on its workflow. 

Blauw Films stands out in the film industry for its highly creative projects and its commitment to open-source principles being translated into the way they work. We sat down with the studio to learn more about its unique approach to democratizing filmmaking, the studio’s aesthetic, and the benefits Corona has brought to its workflow.  

© Blauw Films

A unique approach to filmmaking

Blauw Films is a film studio that focuses on creating original films and media franchises based on their intellectual property (IP), with ambitious projects that set them apart from others. This passion drives them to tackle unique challenges specific to each film. Through a strong emphasis on Research and Development and a problem-solving mindset, Blauw Films finds solutions that enable them to realize their vision and empower the creative industry to overcome similar challenges. 

© Blauw Films

Empowering creativity through free resources 

Blauw Films prides itself on being an open-source film studio. With that in mind, it is no surprise that they have recently decided to make their resources (decals, 3D assets, Corona setups, storyboard templates, manuals, and more) freely available for artists to include in their projects. 

The studio recognizes that while barriers exist for creators from different backgrounds and with varying levels of access, creativity is abundant. By sharing their resources, Blauw Films aims to help more projects come to life, enriching the creative landscape.

As we keep developing our films, we will continue sharing all the new resources we develop. We truly believe in the ascension of people. The art of filmmaking and animation has varying degrees of barriers for creators from different backgrounds and with different levels of access. However, what we’ve noticed over the years is that from a creative perspective, most creators have wonderful ideas. We truly believe that the world would be a better place if more of these projects were realized in a way that matches their desired effect.

Leonardo, Director, Blauw Films

Financial feasibility of independent filmmaking

Leonardo explains something rather important when it comes to the financial side of independent filmmaking. He shares that artists shouldn’t forget that they are building cultural assets that take time to appreciate and that, in the end, it’s not the artwork that should be sold but rather that it serves as a vessel to carry one’s monetization streams.  

We always push creators to think of an end-to-end approach. You know best what form your artwork should take, and the closer your result gets to that desired effect the more value it will have in the marketplace. From there you can continuously build up the leverage, audience and partnerships you need to sustainably develop your projects. Think win-win.

Leonardo, Director, Blauw Films

Embracing Corona for accessibility and innovation

Leonardo shares that since implementing Corona, the studio has significantly enhanced its filmmaking process. Corona has proven to be instrumental in creating the visuals they envision, especially for their sci-fi film, "Syntactic Labyrinths." With a focus on live-action filmmaking, the team found Corona's quick and iterative process to be highly effective for communicating between cinematography, design, and visualization. 

According to Leonardo, achieving an image that matches one's imagination requires balancing artistic expression with technical precision. Factors like camera artifacts, lens choice, and material selection play crucial roles in this process.

Corona has made it possible for me and the team to create the visuals we dream of making. The great thing is that the Corona community is very collaborative and highly passionate about learning and improving. We’ve been able to openly communicate about the challenges that we’ve been facing, and the Corona community is very quick to respond and bounce ideas off of each other. I’d also like to give a shout-out to the Corona team for adding new features and updates so frequently and consistently! Corona 3 was the first version I started using, and it has been truly amazing since then.

Leonardo, Director, Blauw Films

Efficiency and resource savings

Corona has improved the efficiency of Blauw Films' design and rendering process. The studio appreciates the look and feel of Corona renders, which contribute to a cinematic aesthetic. Specific features, like the Shutter Curve for motion blur, add a subtle realism that enhances storytelling and emotional impact.

For the Operation: Deli Platter project, Blauw Films was well aware of the challenge posed by the slightly out-of-focus shots. This led them to ponder over how to infuse maximum detail into the depth of field.

Delving into the bokeh world together with the Corona community proved immensely enjoyable for the team. Through numerous tests with the Corona Camera settings, they gained a deep understanding of each setting's impact on the image. Ultimately, they curated a collection of custom aperture maps designed to encapsulate the desired look and ambiance of the bokeh in live-action scenes.

What I find wonderful about Corona is the look and feel of the renders. There truly is something special about the way it processes light and materials. However if I were to mention one feature that truly adds so much to our projects it has to be the Shutter Curve. As cinema is the art of moving pictures, there is often some form of motion blur present in an image. The Shutter Curve for motion blur has been incredibly useful in giving the image a subtle extra feel of realism. The aim is often to create something cinematic. And this also means we’re looking for that cinematic feel when looking at a still from a moving shot.

Leonardo, Director, Blauw Films

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About the author

Ina Iontcheva

Ina is a Content Marketing Manager with a great passion for writing and the visual arts. She finds inspiration in exploring the way textures and shapes interact with each other in space.

Originally published: May 23, 2024.
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