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Articles by Christopher Nichols

Wikihuman presentation at FMX 2015

The Digital Human League will be presenting their Wikihuman project at FMX 2015

Vlado and Boris

Vlado, Boris, and Chris talk about GPU, Techology, V-Ray Cloud, and V-Ray App SDK.

Jeff Mottle

We talk to Jeff Mottle about ArchViz, Technology, and his new CGarchitect Visualization Conference.

V-Ray running in Motion Builder in the Cloud

A look at how we tied V-Ray Cloud for Motionbuilder for CONSTRUCT.

Christopher Nichols on the Allan McKay Podcast

Allan McKay has a pretty cool podcast that he is running which I was lucky enough to be a guest on. it is a fairly long podcast were we talk about nearly everything in my career and also about the work we are doing in Labs.

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

Listen to André Luis and Scott Ross talk about their event in Portugal called Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. Make sure and check out the bonus section at the event for more info on winning a Golden Ticket.

Lou Pecora

Lou Pecora speaks to us about his experience as a VFX Supervisor and Artist during his 17 years at Digital Domain, including attending the Oscars for his team's work on X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Peter Mitev

Many of you probably know who Vlado is, but I bet many don't know Peter Mitev as well. Peter is the CEO of Chaos Group and started V-Ray with Vlado in 1997.

Improvements to the GTR BRDF

Improvements to the GTR BRDF

Mike Seymour

Mike has done a ton of media on VFX, so it was a pretty rare opportunity to turn the tables and have him talk about his own background and aspirations.

Important Looking Pirates

Måns Björklund and Niklas Jacobson talk about their past and what led them to start their company back in Sweeden.

Jay and Graham from ICT

Talking to Graham and Jay about all things ICT, virtual humans, Wikihuman, and more.

Don't you have an Architecture degree?

There are several people at Chaos Group that have actual Architecture degrees. We figured that since three of us happen to be in LA at the same time, lets have a chat about it.


Introducing This is the start of an ongoing project by the Digital Human League (DHL).

Darren Butler

Darren Butler, a long time Blur artist, started his CG career in Archviz. We discuss his background, how he started, and what inspired and pushed him to where he is now a CG Supervisor at Blur.

Kevin Margo and Derron Ross

With Kevin as Director, and Derron as an Animation Director, Actor, and even Stunt choreographer, they have both pushed what is possible when it comes to using technology to tell stories.

A look back at 2014

2014 was a big year. We figured it was a good opportunity for Lon, David and I to take a look back at what has happened.


In this episode we talk to Vlado. Vlado happened to be in our Culver City office and we decided that it was a good opportunity to talk to him. We talked about new stuff in V-Ray 3.0, we talked a lot about rendering technology in general.

Steve Preeg

Besides being a member of the Digital Human League, Steve Preeg has a long history in Visual Effects. We talk with Steve about his past, his work, and what he thinks are some of the challenging parts of Digital Humans.

Brady Harris

As you may remember from the last episode we decided on a name for the podcast. We also briefly talked about what to do for a theme song. Well Brady Harris agreed to help us write a jingle.


Lon Grohs & Daniel Buck discuss the first creative project we did together which was making the V-Ray IRL video for the 10th Anniversary party of V-Ray. Even if the short is over 2 years old, there are still some great stories to be told about it.

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