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Articles in CG Garage

Jeff Barnes — EVP, Creative Development Light Field Lab / Co-Founder, CafeFX

Jeff Barnes co-founded CafeFX created VFX for movies such as “Sin City” and “Armageddon,” and he now develops content for Light Field Lab. Hear his story.

Isaac Bratzel — Founder & CEO, AvatarOS

AvatarOS is taking digital humans into the metaverse. Founder and CEO Isaac Bratzel reveals how his company is aiming to create the celebrities of tomorrow.

Lala Gavgavian — President and Chief Operating Officer, Digital Domain

Beyond VFX: Digital Domain President and COO, Lala Gavgavian, reveals how the pioneer of big-screen CG is looking into AI and gaming technology for the future.

Adam Martin — Co-Founder, Macroverse Media, Inc

Adam Martin is taking his extensive knowledge of the film industry into web 3.0 with Macroverse, an innovative comic book platform where everyone can get involved.

Chris Browne — VFX Supervisor/Writer/Director

Established VFX Supervisor Chris Browne makes award-winning short films in his spare time. Find out how he single-handedly crafted 200+ shots for “Pleroma.”

Janelle Croshaw Ralla & Jonathan Rothbart — VFX supervisors, John Wick: Chapter 4

“John Wick: Chapter 4” VFX supervisors Janelle Croshaw Ralla and Jonathan Rothbart talk about working with Keanu and reveal their incredible, invisible work.

Sean Looper — Chief Technology Officer, Crafty Apes

Crafty Apes’ Chief Technology Officer on creating pipelines for blockbusters, and how machine learning and gaming technology will power up tomorrow’s movies.

Ben Procter — Production Designer, The “Avatar” Sequels

Ben Procter, the “Avatar” sequels’ Oscar-nominated production designer, talks about creating the movie’s vehicles and sets, including the incredible SeaDragon.

Molly Pabian - Head of Studio at Crafty Apes VFX

Crafty Apes’ Head of Studio Molly Pabian reveals how she got her job, and talks about working on “The Last of Us,” “John Wick: Chapter 4,” and “Indiana Jones 5.”

Chris Edwards — Co-Founder and CEO of THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization Studio

Chris Edwards, co-founder and CEO of THE THIRD FLOOR, discusses visualization for titles including “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “The Mandalorian” season 3.

Philipp Wolf — Executive-in-Charge, Corporate Strategy, DNEG

DNEG exec Philipp Wolf talks about his work on “Dune” and “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” and discusses trends in virtual production, AI, and the metaverse.

Martini Giant Returns

Martini Giant podcasters Daniel Thron and Erick Schiele return in this special CG Garage episode. Expect in-depth AI discussion — and “Star Wars” arguments.

James Blevins — Co-Founder, MESH

From “Space Jam” to “The Mandalorian” — virtual production company founder James Blevins shares stories from behind the scenes and reveals his thoughts on AI.

Andrew Schmied — COO, Business Development Executive & Strategic Advisor, M2 Insights

Is artificial intelligence safe, can we trust it, and where will it lead us? Computer graphics and technology expert Andrew Schmied discusses this brave new world.

Alex Wang, Visual Effects Supervisor — “The Last Of Us”

From his first CG shot to VFX supervising “The Last of Us,” Alex Wang gives Chris an overview of his career, including work on “Deadpool” and “Terminator: Dark Fate.”

Dr. Mike Seymour

VFX expert Mike Seymour is back with a new title and a new lipsync technique for Polish movie “The Champion.” Find out his thoughts on the rise of neural networks.

Jonathan Egstad

Academy Award-winner Jonathan Egstad reveals how he’s helped Nuke become essential CG software via movies including “Apollo 13,” “Titanic,” and “I, Robot.”

Meats Meier — Virtual Production Supervisor at Eyeline Studios (Scanline)

Celebrated artist and “Obi-Wan Kenobi” virtual art director Meats Meier discusses the positives and negatives of generating images with artificial intelligence.

Yuval Levy — Director / Creative Director / VFX Supervisor, The-Artery

From “The Adjustment Bureau” to “Beau is Afraid:” Director and VFX Supervisor Yuval Levy talks shooting cars, replacing faces, and artificial intelligence art.

Andrew Bardusk — VFX Supervisor, Zoic Studios

How has the streaming boom affected visual effects work? Zoic’s “Legends of Tomorrow” VFX supervisor Andrew Bardusk reveals how episodic is the new cinematic.

Culley Bunker & Richard Kidd — Prototype

Chris joins Prototype CTO Culley Bunker and Producer Richard Kidd to discover how machine learning and new techniques are taking digital humans to the next level.

Evan Jacobs — VP Finishing & Stereo, Marvel Studios

Evan Jacobs pulls back the curtain on Marvel Studios’ well-oiled VFX pipeline and explains how he bridges the gap between DPs, directors, and CG supervisors.

Taylor Moll — VFX Supervisor, Dneg Animation

From “Happy Feet’ to “Entergalactic:” Taylor Moll tells Chris how she’s traveled the world, learned to lead — and set up Dneg’s feature animation department.

Aoi Yamaguchi — Master Calligrapher

Calligraphy is a unique fusion of mind, body, and art — and Aoi Yamaguchi has mastered the form. Find out how her performances are taking the medium to new places.

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