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Articles in CG Garage

Isaac Irvin — VFX Supervisor, Carbon VFX

Join VFX Supervisor Isaac Irvin for a globetrotting guide to his VFX adventures, including “Speed Racer,” “Iron Man 3,” “Real Steel,” “Robocop,” and many more.

Bob Bacon — Founder and Head of Studio, Virtue Animation

Bob Bacon has gone from greenlighting Disney movies “The Lion King” and “Aladdin” to founding a Web3 animation studio. Here’s how he found the value of creativity.

Sean Devereaux — Producer & Visual Effects Supervisor

Sean Devereaux’s body of work includes “American Hustle,” “The Equalizer,” “Patriots Day” — and Zync cloud rendering. He shares his secrets of success.

Mathew Giampa — VFX Supervisor, Scanline VFX

Scanline VFX supervisor Mathew Giampa has worked on shots for “The Joker,” “Black Widow,” and “The Suicide Squad.” He talks about leveling up throughout his career.

Bill Plympton — Animator, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist, and Filmmaker

Cult animator Bill Plympton talks us through his career in short and feature films, TV ads and idents, and offers tips and inspiration for budding artists.

Marc Morissette — VFX Supervisor/Owner, Cluster

Marc Morissette has taken blockbuster VFX experience and knowledge into founding his own studio, Cluster. He shares the secrets of establishing a growing company.

Scott Kirvan — VFX Supervisor

Brazil, beer, and being back on set — versatile VFX supervisor and head brewer Scott Kirvan gives Chris the heads-up on his 30-year-career in the CG industry.

Eddie Smith — Visual Effects Artist, Digital Domain

Veteran Digital Domain VFX artist Eddie Smith reveals how Houdini changed the face of VFX via “G.I. Joe,” “Tron: Legacy,” “Ender’s Game,” and “Fantastic Beasts.”

Ioanna Ivanova — 3D Artist, INK

INK-spiration: 3D Artist Ioanna Ivanova gives essential tips for getting started in the CG industry and reveals the benefits of working for a smaller studio.

Jeff Stringer — Director of Production Technology, Laika

Laika’s Jeff Stringer reveals how the studio behind “Coraline” and “Kubo and the Two Strings” combines traditional stop-motion animation with cutting-edge CG.

Adam Sidwell — Founder, Future House Studios

Future House Studios’ Adam Sidwell has gone from “King Kong” VFX to virtual concerts for Justin Bieber. He shares his thoughts on NFTs, the metaverse, and more.

Jeff Mottle & Lon Grohs — CGarchitect & Chaos

CGarchitect, the world’s largest online community for archviz, has become part of the Chaos family. Founder Jeff Mottle talks about handing the reigns over to Chaos’ Lon Grohs.

Darin Grant — CTO, Animal Logic; Director, SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater

Animal Logic’s Darin Grant talks about the studio’s move into animation, the moving CG content at this year’s SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater, and global VFX trends.

Ben Mauro — Creator, “Huxley”

“Huxley” is about to become huge. Creator and concept artist Ben Mauro tells Chris how NFTs have helped his sci-fi comic book go to the big screen — and beyond.

Matteo Santoro — World Builder

Can web 3.0 power the future of cinema? Director and writer Matteo Santoro reveals how his NFT feature film “SIFT” gives fans a role in the production process.

Judith Crow — VP of Strategic Partnerships, SideFX Software

From pioneering CG for “Apollo 13” and “Titanic,” to VP at Houdini developer SideFX: Judith Crow talks about her career on both sides of the effects industry.

Barbara Ford Grant — President, Prysm Stages

Barbara Ford Grant is president of a world-leading virtual production facility and the first female chair of the Sci-Tech Committee of the Academy. Hear her inspirational story.

Christoph Bolten and Richard Levene — Recom Farmhouse

Creative studio Recom Farmhouse’s founder Christoph Bolten and managing director Richard Levene recount some of the crazy adventures they’ve had in photography.

Andrew Orloff — VFX Supervisor/Owner, Zoic Studios

From “South Park” to “Sweet Tooth:” Zoic co-founder Andrew Orloff talks about using cutting-edge technology to create large-scale VFX for the small screen.

Richard Scott — CEO and Co-Founder, Axis Studios

Axis co-founder and CEO Richard Scott talks about his 30-year-plus career in CG, from early design graphics to one of Love, Death and Robots’ best segments.

Sonja Christoph — Freelance CG Artist & Instructor

How do you go freelance? Or start working on your own IP? Sonja Christoph returns to the podcast to tell Chris how she’s starting a business and making a game.

Jill Smolin

Jill Smolin has worked behind-the-scenes in the VFX industry at companies including Digital Domain, Cinesite, Gnomon, and SIGGRAPH. Hear her incredible story.

Maxx Burman & Banks Boutté — KitBash3D

KitBash3D founders Maxx Burman and Banks Boutté talk about how their 3D asset packs have become essential — and how they’re going to help build the metaverse.

Jonas Ussing & Stine Sørensen — Space Office VFX

Jonas Ussing and Stine Sørensen are raising a family in rural Denmark while working on VFX and animation for movies and games. They tell Chris their story.

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