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Articles by Christopher Nichols

Kevin Reste — Creative Operations Specialist, Artist, & Producer

Creative genius Kevin Reste has lent his expertise to some of the world’s biggest companies. Hear his insights into how AI will change the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Rothbart — VFX Supervisor, John Wick: Chapter 4

Discover how a 3D screensaver inspired Jonathan Rothbart to get into the industry and work on everything from “Men in Black” to “John Wick: Chapter 4

James MacLachlan — VFX Supervisor, “Ted Lasso”

“Ted Lasso” VFX supervisor James MacLachlan reveals how the hit Apple TV+ show used invisible effects to create realistic Premier League soccer matches.

Andrew MacDonald — VFX Creative Director/Supervisor/Flame Artist

From fear and loathing in Wales to happiness and contentment in a Flame bay: VFX veteran Andrew MacDonald reflects on an incredible career in film and ads.

Eric Durst & Matt Whelan — VFX Supervisors, “Five Days at Memorial”

VFX veterans Eric Durst and Matt Whelan on helping create the invisible effects that would earn Apple TV+ miniseries “Five Days at Memorial” an Emmy nomination.

Halsey Burgund — Artist & Technologist

Artist Halsey Burgund’s “Moon Disaster” uses a digital Nixon to deliver an alternative moon landing speed. He tells Chris more about this fascinating project.

Vladimir Koylazov — Co-Founder & Head of Innovation, Chaos

Chaos co-founder Vlado discusses Vantage 2 and virtual production, and shares his vision for the artificial intelligence-powered future of computer graphics.

Simeon Balabanov — Product Manager, Chaos Vantage

Chaos’ real-time ray-traced photorealistic rendering engine has just hit its second iteration. Product Manager Simeon Balabanov discusses what’s new in Vantage 2.

Hanno Basse — CTO, Digital Domain

From Thanos to She-Hulk: Digital Domain’s Chief Technology Officer reveals how machine learning and real-time rendering are transforming the VFX industry.

Terrence Masson — Chair, SVA MFA Computer Arts

Educator Terrence Masson talks about what his students learn in his exciting MFA and shares his incredible experiences in the VFX industry’s formative years.

Michelle Munson — CEO & Co-Founder, Eluvio

Michelle Munson revolutionized file transfer with Aspera. Now she’s launched Eluvio, a Web3 content delivery system that will power the future of streaming video.

Joshua Lastine Esq. — Founder, Lastine Entertainment Law

Entertainment Lawyer Joshua Lastine shares his perspective on the legal implications of AI, the WGA strike, deepfakes and digital humans, and streaming services.

Marc Simonetti — Art Director, DNEG

Can AI put the “concept” back into concept art? Talented cover artist and art director Marc Simonetti talks about his career and the pros and cons of AI imagery.

Linden Vennard — CG Generalist

CG artist Linden Vennard tells Chris about his route into vehicular VFX, working at automotive CG specialist Speedshap, and his current experiments in Midjourney.

Sean Faden — VFX Supervisor

From smashing "Titanic’s" windows to crafting "Moon Knight’s" world: VFX Supervisor Sean Faden reveals his incredible journey to the top of the movie industry.

Stan Szymanski — President & Founder of StanleyVision

Stan Szymanski has been in VFX for over 30 years — but he still has his finger on the pulse of the industry. He reveals what recruiters look for in new talent.

Jeff Barnes — EVP, Creative Development Light Field Lab / Co-Founder, CafeFX

Jeff Barnes co-founded CafeFX created VFX for movies such as “Sin City” and “Armageddon,” and he now develops content for Light Field Lab. Hear his story.

Isaac Bratzel — Founder & CEO, AvatarOS

AvatarOS is taking digital humans into the metaverse. Founder and CEO Isaac Bratzel reveals how his company is aiming to create the celebrities of tomorrow.

Lala Gavgavian — President and Chief Operating Officer, Digital Domain

Beyond VFX: Digital Domain President and COO, Lala Gavgavian, reveals how the pioneer of big-screen CG is looking into AI and gaming technology for the future.

Adam Martin — Co-Founder, Macroverse Media, Inc

Adam Martin is taking his extensive knowledge of the film industry into web 3.0 with Macroverse, an innovative comic book platform where everyone can get involved.

Chris Browne — VFX Supervisor/Writer/Director

Established VFX Supervisor Chris Browne makes award-winning short films in his spare time. Find out how he single-handedly crafted 200+ shots for “Pleroma.”

Janelle Croshaw Ralla & Jonathan Rothbart — VFX supervisors, John Wick: Chapter 4

“John Wick: Chapter 4” VFX supervisors Janelle Croshaw Ralla and Jonathan Rothbart talk about working with Keanu and reveal their incredible, invisible work.

Sean Looper — Chief Technology Officer, Crafty Apes

Crafty Apes’ Chief Technology Officer on creating pipelines for blockbusters, and how machine learning and gaming technology will power up tomorrow’s movies.

Ben Procter — Production Designer, The “Avatar” Sequels

Ben Procter, the “Avatar” sequels’ Oscar-nominated production designer, talks about creating the movie’s vehicles and sets, including the incredible SeaDragon.

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