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Articles by Christopher Nichols

Chad Wanstreet — VFX Supervisor

From "The Sympathizer," to "SWAT," and "The Tick:" VFX supervisor Chad Wanstreet talks about his career in VFX, and how new tools are tackling old challenges.

Nikola Todorovic — Co-Founder & CEO, Wonder Dynamics

Wonder Studio eases adding CG characters to live-action shots. Nikola Todorovic reveals how he and actor Tye Sheridan could have started a filmmaking revolution.

Andy Fowler — Creative Producer & Production Innovation Consultant

From music videos to managing 10,000 VFX shots a year: Producer Andy Fowler tells Chris about his incredible career and shares thoughts on virtual production and AI.

Joel Hynek — VFX Supervisor

The Oscar-winning VFX supervisor who brought “Predator” to life and created the painted world for “What Dreams May Come” shares incredible tales and sage advice.

Kathryn Brillhart — Virtual Production Supervisor & Cinematographer

Cinematographer Kathryn Brillhart on her journey from documentary filmmaking to visual effects, including “Fallout,” “Black Adam,” and the impact of AI in film.

Liz Hitt — VFX Producer, CBS VFX

VFX Producer Liz Hitt talks about everything from “Hollow Man” to “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and how she’s adapted to new challenges and changes in the industry.

Junaid Baig — Head of Applied Technology, DNEG

VFX expert Junaid Baig shares his incredible knowledge and reveals how DNEG’s virtual production technology empowers artists and brings visions to life.

Dan Ring — Senior Machine Learning Team Lead, Chaos

Join Senior Machine Learning Team Lead Dan Ring for an epic geek-out on everything from Gaussian Splats to ChatGPT, and discover how AI will power Chaos tools.

Phil Galler — Principal & Founder, Lux Machina Consulting

Phil Galler honed his virtual production skills on “Bullet Train” and “The Mandalorian.” He reveals how technology will empower a new generation of storytellers.

Chris MacLean — Overall VFX Supervisor, “Foundation”

Building “Foundation:'' The Apple TV+’s show’s overall VFX supervisor, Chris MacLean, talks about bringing its world to life both on-set and in post-production.

Hugo Guerra — Director, VFX Supervisor, YouTuber, & Podcaster

Multi-talented director and VFX supervisor Hugo Guerra tells Chris how he balances his day job with running a YouTube channel and recording the VFX Notes podcast.

Doug Trumbull, Joe Kosinski & Tim Miller Revisited

In this flashback episode, directors Doug Trumbull, Joe Kosinski, and Tim Miller talk about getting “Brainstorm,” “Tron: Legacy,” and “Deadpool” off the ground.

Alex Yolov & Gosho Genchev — Product Managers, V-Ray for Maya & Houdini

Chaos Product Managers Alex Yolov and Gosho Genchev on how MaterialX has been added to V-Ray for Maya and Houdini, and what it means for artists and workflows.

Julian Levi — VFX Producer, “The Creator”

Creating “The Creator:” esteemed VFX Producer Julian Levi reveals how Gareth Edwards’ talents as a director came to light while making this gritty sci-fi epic.

Tom Grimes — Product Manager, Chaos Corona

Chaos Corona product manager Tom Grimes talks about what makes the renderer popular among archviz artists and reveals some of the features in the pipeline.

Tram Le-Jones — Vice President Solutions - Creative, Backlight

Former Hollywood VFX producer Tram Le-Jones on how she’s improving workflows and making artists’ and producers’ lives easier with Backlight’s ftrack software.

Casey Pyke — Visualization Supervisor, Halon Entertainment

From pitchviz to previz, techviz, and postviz: Halon Entertainment’s Casey Pyke on the technology that plans movies including “The Batman” and “John Wick 4”.

Richard Crudo, ASC — Cinematographer & Director

Renowned cinematographer and director Richard Crudo shares his story, from humble beginnings to serving as president of the American Society of Cinematographers.

Paolo Berto Durante — CEO, J CUBE

CG veteran Paolo Berto Durante talks about his long-standing computer graphics journey, his company J CUBE’s amazing CG tools, and AI's impact on creativity.

Robert Moggach — Creative Activist, Dashing

VES winner Robert Moggach has crafted epic visuals for Moby and Muse music vids, big brand ads, and movies such as “Harry Potter” and “I, Robot.” Hear his story.

Vikkal Parikh — Creative Director & Founder, Ataboy Studios

Vikkal Parikh’s Ataboy Studios creates six-second social media ads for some of the world’s biggest brands. Discover the big story behind short-form content.

Ben Hansford — Director & USC Professor

Director and USC professor Ben Hansford shares his thoughts on how AI will lead to incredible new cinematic experiences from a fresh generation of filmmakers.

Kat Dawes — NOWism

Begin 2024 the right way with this positive podcast about how creatives can turn an ever-changing world into an exciting wonderland of opportunity and joy.

Jonas Ussing — No CGI is really just invisible CGI

Rising YouTube star and VFX supervisor Jonas Ussing returns to talk about how he’s shining a light on the CG artists and studios omitted from movie credits.

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