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Articles by Christopher Nichols

Paolo Berto Durante — CEO, J CUBE

CG veteran Paolo Berto Durante talks about his long-standing computer graphics journey, his company J CUBE’s amazing CG tools, and AI's impact on creativity.

Robert Moggach — Creative Activist, Dashing

VES winner Robert Moggach has crafted epic visuals for Moby and Muse music vids, big brand ads, and movies such as “Harry Potter” and “I, Robot.” Hear his story.

Vikkal Parikh — Creative Director & Founder, Ataboy Studios

Vikkal Parikh’s Ataboy Studios creates six-second social media ads for some of the world’s biggest brands. Discover the big story behind short-form content.

Ben Hansford — Director & USC Professor

Director and USC professor Ben Hansford shares his thoughts on how AI will lead to incredible new cinematic experiences from a fresh generation of filmmakers.

Kat Dawes — NOWism

Begin 2024 the right way with this positive podcast about how creatives can turn an ever-changing world into an exciting wonderland of opportunity and joy.

Jonas Ussing — No CGI is really just invisible CGI

Rising YouTube star and VFX supervisor Jonas Ussing returns to talk about how he’s shining a light on the CG artists and studios omitted from movie credits.

Faruk Heplevent — Founder and CEO, The Scope

Building Scope City: Automotive photography expert Faruk Heplevent on founding The Scope and creating a revolutionary new tool for customizable urban backdrops.

Kim Davidson — President and CEO, SideFX

From flying logos to winning Oscars: SideFX’s Kim Davidson talks about how the company developed Houdini and became an important player in VFX.

Joe Letteri — Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, Wētā FX

Joe Letteri, the Academy Award-winning VFX supervisor behind “Avatar: Way of the Water,” talks about his career and reveals how new tech is changing the industry.

Peter Sohn — Director, “Elemental”

A life in movies: Elemental director opens up about telling his personal story through a Pixar animation, and reveals the difficulties of working with water and fire.

Joaquim Dos Santos — Director, “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse”

“Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse” director on how making series including “Avatar: The Last Airbender” helped him find the human heart in animated stories.

Benjamin Renner — Director, “Migration”

Illumination's “Migration” director Benjamin Renner shares his journey from 2D animation in France to 3D in Hollywood, and reveals what it’s like to direct a big movie.

Michał Misiński — Film Director, Juice

“Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty” music video director Michał Misiński talks about blending CG with the real world, shooting cars, and working with Ash Thorp.

Kyle Balda — Co-Director, “Minions: The Rise of Gru” & “Despicable Me 3”

Kyle Balda reveals his journey to directing “Minions: The Rise of Gru” and “Despicable Me 3,” and sheds light on Illumination Entertainment’s creative process.

Ryan Woodward — Storyboard Artist & Animator

A fresh perspective: “Spider-Man 2” and “Avengers” artist Ryan Woodward reveals how he works hard without burning out, and discusses his approach to storytelling.

Murai Sadayuki — Screenwriter, “Perfect Blue,” “Steamboy,” and “Millennium Actress”

The astonishingly talented screenwriter behind “Perfect Blue” and “Steamboy” shares his thoughts on Japanese storytelling and its relationship with the West.

Cláudia Cristovão — Head of Google Brand Studio & Social Lab APAC

Google brand expert and storytelling expert Cláudia Cristovão tells Chris how lessons learned from an ancient art apply to artists working in the modern world.

Amy Aniobi — Writer, Director & Producer

Head writer, director, and producer on HBO’s “Insecure” reveals how she got her dream job, and gives her thoughts on how auteurs and AI are shifting content.

Kevin Reste — Creative Operations Specialist, Artist, & Producer

Creative genius Kevin Reste has lent his expertise to some of the world’s biggest companies. Hear his insights into how AI will change the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Rothbart — VFX Supervisor, John Wick: Chapter 4

Discover how a 3D screensaver inspired Jonathan Rothbart to get into the industry and work on everything from “Men in Black” to “John Wick: Chapter 4

James MacLachlan — VFX Supervisor, “Ted Lasso”

“Ted Lasso” VFX supervisor James MacLachlan reveals how the hit Apple TV+ show used invisible effects to create realistic Premier League soccer matches.

Andrew MacDonald — VFX Creative Director/Supervisor/Flame Artist

From fear and loathing in Wales to happiness and contentment in a Flame bay: VFX veteran Andrew MacDonald reflects on an incredible career in film and ads.

Eric Durst & Matt Whelan — VFX Supervisors, “Five Days at Memorial”

VFX veterans Eric Durst and Matt Whelan on helping create the invisible effects that would earn Apple TV+ miniseries “Five Days at Memorial” an Emmy nomination.

Halsey Burgund — Artist & Technologist

Artist Halsey Burgund’s “Moon Disaster” uses a digital Nixon to deliver an alternative moon landing speed. He tells Chris more about this fascinating project.

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