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V-Ray 6 for SketchUp and Rhino, update 1 — available now

Make use of improved Enscape compatibility, enhanced V-Ray Decal, new post-processing and collaboration features, plus extra V-Ray for Grasshopper components.

Architecture by Squirrel Design
How V-Ray users can unlock design options with Enscape

From iterations to lighting scenarios and interactive walkthroughs, Enscape can help throughout V-Ray architecture workflows. Archilime’s Dan Stone explains more.

Jeff Barnes — EVP, Creative Development Light Field Lab / Co-Founder, CafeFX

Jeff Barnes co-founded CafeFX created VFX for movies such as “Sin City” and “Armageddon,” and he now develops content for Light Field Lab. Hear his story.

A deep dive into MTMA’s approach to archviz

Discover how MTMA uses Chaos Vantage to enhance its designs and create immersive, photorealistic architectural spaces in real-time.

Scene by Marko Dabrovic
Path Guiding with Intel® Open PGL in V-Ray

V-Ray 6.1 includes support for Intel's Open PGL, which gives faster results in indirectly illuminated scenes. Learn more in this blog post written with Intel.

© Christian Debney
How V-Ray, Phoenix, and Chaos Cloud helped “Starship” shoot for Mars

Christian Debney’s SpaceX-inspired short film ignites rocket fuel and tugs heartstrings. Find out how the director launched human feelings into outer space.

Isaac Bratzel — Founder & CEO, AvatarOS

AvatarOS is taking digital humans into the metaverse. Founder and CEO Isaac Bratzel reveals how his company is aiming to create the celebrities of tomorrow.

V-Ray 6, update 1 comes to Autodesk Maya and Cinema 4D

Double delight: Crucial new features for faster scenes and ultimate creative control added to V-Ray’s awe-inspiring rendering talents.

Lala Gavgavian — President and Chief Operating Officer, Digital Domain

Beyond VFX: Digital Domain President and COO, Lala Gavgavian, reveals how the pioneer of big-screen CG is looking into AI and gaming technology for the future.

Adam Martin — Co-Founder, Macroverse Media, Inc

Adam Martin is taking his extensive knowledge of the film industry into web 3.0 with Macroverse, an innovative comic book platform where everyone can get involved.

© ColorDigital GmbH
How DMIx is revolutionizing the fashion industry with AppSDK

Learn how DMIx has streamlined brand-supplier interaction and is helping fashion designers create stunning photorealistic renders powered by V-Ray AppSDK.

© Bendus Mihail
10 steps to a hardwood floor that dazzles in V-Ray for 3ds Max

Want to make your archviz render stand out? Transform it with stunning hardwood textures using our simple 10-step guide in V-Ray for 3ds Max.

Chris Browne — VFX Supervisor/Writer/Director

Established VFX Supervisor Chris Browne makes award-winning short films in his spare time. Find out how he single-handedly crafted 200+ shots for “Pleroma.”

© Tomek Miksa
How to do an architectural rendering

Understanding how to create an architectural rendering is the first step toward a successful career in archviz. This guide will get you up to speed in no time.

Janelle Croshaw Ralla & Jonathan Rothbart — VFX supervisors, John Wick: Chapter 4

“John Wick: Chapter 4” VFX supervisors Janelle Croshaw Ralla and Jonathan Rothbart talk about working with Keanu and reveal their incredible, invisible work.

Archilime/Architecture by Squirrel Design
The best of both worlds: Using V-Ray and Enscape for archviz

Why not both? Archilime's Dan Stone reveals how uniting Enscape and V-Ray for SketchUp can power up architectural workflows and open new creative possibilities.

Sean Looper — Chief Technology Officer, Crafty Apes

Crafty Apes’ Chief Technology Officer on creating pipelines for blockbusters, and how machine learning and gaming technology will power up tomorrow’s movies.

© Adán Martin
School-ing founder Adán Martín as an artist, educator and leader in the archviz world

Explore the intersection of archviz and education and discover Adán Martín’s journey toward inspiring the 3D artists of tomorrow.

© Nicklas Byriel
Bridging the gap: CG Spectrum creates unity between archviz and education

CG Spectrum's new academic program aims to bridge the gap between students and the 3D industry. Learn about its format from its curriculum leader, Nicklas Byriel.

Exciting Chaos Cosmos update adds Evermotion assets

Popular archviz content now available in Chaos content library, plus branded assets from Götessons and EQ3, scanned Enscape people, Enmesh patterns, and new bulk features.

Ben Procter — Production Designer, The “Avatar” Sequels

Ben Procter, the “Avatar” sequels’ Oscar-nominated production designer, talks about creating the movie’s vehicles and sets, including the incredible SeaDragon.

V-Ray wins Leader badge and more in G2’s spring 2023 Grid Report

We’re gonna need a bigger sweater: Software review service awards V-Ray with badges for customer satisfaction, performance in Europe, user scores, and more.

Molly Pabian - Head of Studio at Crafty Apes VFX

Crafty Apes’ Head of Studio Molly Pabian reveals how she got her job, and talks about working on “The Last of Us,” “John Wick: Chapter 4,” and “Indiana Jones 5.”

© The Scope
Cloud rendering just got better: See what's new in Chaos Cloud

Chaos Cloud Rendering just keeps getting better. Product Specialist Vladimir Dragoev reveals what’s new and looks back at our achievements from the past year.

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