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Dylan Sisson — Marketing Manager, Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios’ Marketing Manager talks about making “Toy Story,” and how artificial intelligence is changing some surprising elements of movie making.

© El Obrador
How Chaos Cloud helps El Obrador bring out the beauty in the details

Explore El Obrador’s latest arch viz projects, learn about the studio’s unique work philosophy, and how Chaos Cloud allows the team to collaborate efficiently.

Breakthrough V-Ray Benchmark speed record set by 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs

The Chaos team has put AMD’s latest CPUs to the test. Discover the record-breaking V-Ray Benchmark results and see how they compare to AMD’s previous generation.

© Helldoor Visual Studio© Helldoor Visual Studio
Discovering your passion for archviz and sharing it with the world

3D artist Teodor Vladov opens up about his journey in 3D and the artistic tools he uses to make his visual narratives come to life.

© Bendus Mihail
Architectural rendering basics: Interiors

Step inside your dream space with V-Ray expert Ricardo Ortiz and discover how V-Ray’s features can generate high-quality, eye-catching photorealistic renders.

© Nuno Silva
Architectural rendering basics: Exteriors

In the first installment of our two-part guide to architectural rendering, V-Ray expert Ricardo Ortiz introduces key techniques to bring your buildings to life.

Scott Leberecht — Director, “Jurassic Punk”

Chris celebrates the podcast’s 400th episode in style with Scott Leberecht, the director whose documentary “Jurassic Punk” profiles VFX renegade Steve Williams.

V-Ray 6 for Revit, beta available now

This is your chance to help shape the future of V-Ray for Revit and experience new features, including a supersmooth Enscape workflow, ahead of anyone else.

© Moon Earth
Filmmaker shares secrets for out-of-this-world space renders

Cinematographer and VFX artist Oliver Bou Eid’s trailer for “Moon Earth Revolution” looks like a real sci-fi movie. Learn his secrets for that outer-space look.

V-Ray 6 App SDK launched

Add the power of V-Ray 6 to your software. Plus, make use of the latest programming languages and increased API capabilities including better animation support.

© Gamee
G-Bots and V-Ray: A match made in Chaos Cloud

G-Bots sit at the heart of GAMEE’s crypto-powered gaming platform. Find out how V-Ray for 3ds Max and Chaos Cloud help bring these premium characters to life.

Frame48 © Warner Music Group
This is Halloween: How Frame48 designed a Muse video built for horror fans

“The Shining” and “IT” nods aren’t the only cool things in Muse's latest video. Learn how V-Ray helped create everything from melting portraits to handheld shots.

Tom Teller — Founder & Executive Producer at Frame 48

The director behind Muse’s “You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween” promo discusses the creative processes, as well as founding a small company and embracing AI.

Palm Springs collaborative project proves to be a creative success

Discover how V-Ray for Sketchup joined forces with Archilime to visualize a stunning sustainable home.

The complete guide to Chaos Phoenix, Part 2 — Under the hood

In the second part of our guide to Phoenix, expert Cory Holm dives deep into the features that help you control the way you can shade and shape your simulations.

The complete guide to Chaos Phoenix, Part 1 — Getting to know dynamics simulation

Join Phoenix expert Cory Holm for the first part of our guide to Chaos’ liquid, fire, and smoke simulator, and find out how to make the most of its features.

Jinko Gotoh — Producer

From applied mathematics to “Space Jam,” “Finding Nemo” and “Klaus:” Animated movie producer Jinko Gotoh tells Chris about her incredible Hollywood journey.

© Tanya Kar
3D Artist Spotlight: Tanya Kar

Playing with letters: 3D artist Tanya Kar takes us on a journey of exploration in her “36 Days of Type” project, brought to life with V-Ray for Cinema 4D.

© Marko Alab Samwel Adviento
DesignMorphine thesis projects rendered in V-Ray: Part 1

DesignMorphine graduates share their incredible master thesis projects and tell us how V-Ray and its features have become crucial parts of their design workflow.

Mikal Vega — Actor/Performance Capture Director

Former Navy Seal Mikal Vega now directs “Call of Duty” content and he’s acted in “Transformers” movies. Find out how he balances destruction and creativity.

What’s new in Chaos Cosmos

Create a perfect working environment with Lumina lamps and Haworth office furniture. Plus, there’s a new category in store, and additional assets from CGAxis.

© Polymachine
Use these 5 Chaos Phoenix expert tips to make your archviz scenes amazing

Chaos’ fluid dynamics simulator can be used for more than just VFX. Phoenix product specialist Georgi Zhekov shares how it can bring archviz projects to life.

© Floodslicer
6 valuable tips to stand out as an artist in the archviz world

Archviz studio Floodslicer clues us in on their approach to creating compelling experiences and gives advice on how to stand out as an artist.

© aTng
Composition and camera tips for a beautiful render

Boost your composition and camera skills with these tips for awe-inspiring images that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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