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An introduction to V-Ray Profiler: Examine render times and optimize performance

Discover V-Ray Profiler and learn how it can help optimize rendering performance and become an essential tool in your projects.

© Jonathan Evans
3D furniture rendering: everything you need to know

Join Ricardo Ortiz for the ultimate guide to 3D furniture rendering and discover comprehensive insights and expert techniques so you can explore, create, and innovate.

Alex Yolov & Gosho Genchev — Product Managers, V-Ray for Maya & Houdini

Chaos Product Managers Alex Yolov and Gosho Genchev on how MaterialX has been added to V-Ray for Maya and Houdini, and what it means for artists and workflows.

© Narrativ
4 free websites to download architecture scale figures

Discover where to find free scale figures and master their use to enhance spatial understanding and convey emotion, creating impactful visual stories.

What’s new in Chaos Vantage 2, update 3

More realism in real-time with support for V-Ray Blend Materials, and amplify your creative control in post-production with the new Multi Matte render element.

Enscape 4.0 is here! Discover the latest version

This version unifies the Enscape experience for macOS and Windows users. Plus, new people and vegetation assets, NVIDIA denoiser for capture exports, and more.

Julian Levi — VFX Producer, “The Creator”

Creating “The Creator:” esteemed VFX Producer Julian Levi reveals how Gareth Edwards’ talents as a director came to light while making this gritty sci-fi epic.

Small scale, big heart: making a music video for Emicida

Pedro Conti kept it simple in this video for Brazilian rapper Emicida’s “Acabou, mas tem…” Find out how V-Ray for 3ds Max’s features helped realize the project.

Tom Grimes — Product Manager, Chaos Corona

Chaos Corona product manager Tom Grimes talks about what makes the renderer popular among archviz artists and reveals some of the features in the pipeline.

Elevate your archviz with tile patterns in V-Ray for 3ds Max

Learn how to create a mesmerizing tile pattern in V-Ray for 3ds Max using the Enmesh modifier and V-Ray GPU. Join us as we create, scatter, apply materials, and render with speed-boosting texture caching.

Tram Le-Jones — Vice President Solutions - Creative, Backlight

Former Hollywood VFX producer Tram Le-Jones on how she’s improving workflows and making artists’ and producers’ lives easier with Backlight’s ftrack software.

Creating a welcoming living room in V-Ray for SketchUp

Improve your design skills by creating a cozy living room design in V-Ray for SketchUp with expert guidance from Chaos 3D artist Anastasia Zhivaeva.

Casey Pyke — Visualization Supervisor, Halon Entertainment

From pitchviz to previz, techviz, and postviz: Halon Entertainment’s Casey Pyke on the technology that plans movies including “The Batman” and “John Wick 4”.

Chaos Unboxed Live: the recap

Discover how Chaos will redefine visualization with AI-powered features and smart products that will help you produce your best work without limitations.

Richard Crudo, ASC — Cinematographer & Director

Renowned cinematographer and director Richard Crudo shares his story, from humble beginnings to serving as president of the American Society of Cinematographers.

© CLO Virtual Fashion
Fashion forward: The role of 3D rendering in the industry

Discover how 3D rendering is shaping the future of fashion, from influencing sustainable design to revolutionizing creativity and creating immersive store experiences.

What is archviz? Everything you should know

Dive deeper into the captivating world of architectural visualization in our comprehensive blog post, and uncover the latest trends shaping the archviz community.

MaterialX and V-Ray: Crafting the next chapter in 3D creativity

Discover how V-Ray 6, update 2 integrated MaterialX into V-Ray for Maya and Houdini's Solaris for effortless shader graph exchange and seamless collaboration.

Paolo Berto Durante — CEO, J CUBE

CG veteran Paolo Berto Durante talks about his long-standing computer graphics journey, his company J CUBE’s amazing CG tools, and AI's impact on creativity.

© Squire & Partners
AI's role in enriching visual experiences: An interview with Squire & Partners

Uncover the impact of AI on visual experiences in our exclusive interview with Alejandro Oostlander from Squire & Partners, and learn how AI enhances the studio’s workflow and visuals.

Goodbye Kansas © Square Enix
Redefine connectivity with V-Ray 6, update 2 for Maya and Houdini

Empower seamless collaboration with MaterialX & USD compatibility, and elevate your creativity effortlessly with enhanced tools for visual perfection.

Robert Moggach — Creative Activist, Dashing

VES winner Robert Moggach has crafted epic visuals for Moby and Muse music vids, big brand ads, and movies such as “Harry Potter” and “I, Robot.” Hear his story.

Chaos Unboxed: Find out what we've got planned for 2024

Witness the unveiling of our latest products and freshest features. Join us on Feb 27 and find out how Chaos’ new technology will help you create your best work.

What Is PBR (Physically-Based Rendering)? A complete guide

Dive into the world of physically-based rendering in this comprehensive guide, and unleash the full potential of your creative vision with the knowledge gained.

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