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Connected visualization workflows.

Break down the barriers between design and creative.
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The power of interoperability.

Everyone wants more. Designers want more realistic designs. Archviz artists want to work faster and collaborate more effortlessly. And we all want more efficient workflows. And with Chaos visualization tools, you can have it all. We’ve made it easy to work across multiple software platforms, so collaboration is smooth and easy.

How does it work? 

We’ve enhanced the interoperability of Chaos’ visualization tools, such as Enscape, V-Ray, Vantage, through our standardized Chaos projects file format, .vrscene. This neat little package contains all model information, including assets, lights, materials, enabling easy transfer of design projects between CAD tools such as SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, and DCC software including 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. 

With this cross-compatibility, you’ll experience advanced visualization capabilities with V-Ray, accelerated architectural design, and seamless workflows between architectural designers and artists across the AEC industry.

Limited-time deal

Get 10% off V-Ray annual licenses & 30 exclusive assets worth €199 with code Bridge10.

And that's not all! If you choose an annual V-Ray Premium or V-Ray Enterprise subscription, we’ll give you 20% off an Enscape Floating license to complete your workflow.

Terms & Conditions apply. For additional questions, please refer to the FAQ section.

What it means for you.

Architectural designers
Access advanced visualization

Access advanced visualization by transitioning from Enscape real-time rendering to V-Ray photoreal rendering within your design software. Enhance your scenes with precise lighting, materials, and diverse assets from Chaos Cosmos. Or simply export a .vrscene & transfer it to a viz specialist without concern for losing your design ideas.


Visualization specialists
Accelerate your viz workflow

Save time from recreating designs from scratch and from challenging communication with designers. Simply import the .vrscene coming from Enscape containing the complete model information, directly into your preferred DCC tool like 3Ds Max or Cinema 4D. Keep fine-tuning the project with V-Ray or Vantage ensuring its visualization accuracy and original design intent.

Architecture firms
All in one solution

Forget about compatibility issues, soaring costs of various subscriptions packages, different support teams, and multiple vendor management headaches. We offer a complete stack of interoperable visualization solutions for any need, ensuring exceptional quality, consistency, and savings.


Get 10% off V-Ray annual license + 30 gift assets.

With V-Ray Premium & V-Ray Enterprise you also get 20% off an Enscape Floating license.



From real-time to photoreal: Connecting architectural designers and archviz artists

Join us for a demonstration of Chaos’ enhanced interoperability between real-time design rendering tools like Enscape and photoreal visualization tools like V-Ray, and Vantage.

Case studies

See the work of some of our clients who are leveraging the powerful dynamic of Enscape + V-Ray.
Dana Satterlee
Senior Interior Designer
One of my favorite things about Enscape is using the white mode rendering style to see the initial form of the space. Then you can gradually develop your design from there. It’s also easy to use. It’s great how the entourage is already integrated, and you can quickly start seeing how everything comes together.
Danny Jones
Director of Creative Labs
We had a specific image for a perforated ceiling that we needed to highlight in the main lobby space, the way the image was showcased in V-Ray looked perfect. It provided better translucency and better bouncing of lighting. We like to use the right tool for the right thing.
Dan Stone
Director of Operations
at a leading UK archviz company
As an Enscape user, you may be wondering when and why you would use V-Ray as part of your workflow. The answer is simple: when you want to create professional production renders from your Enscape scenes.

Experience the workflow for yourself.

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