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© Andrea Savchenko
© Andrea Savchenko

Getting started with V-Ray for Maya.

Your go-to collection of official learning resources.

You can learn anything — and V-Ray for Maya is no exception.

To help you begin this journey, we've compiled a number of helpful resources. You'll find all the tutorials, webinars and documentation you need to be able to create great-looking renders in no time.

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Setup & installation

Our step-by-step guide will get you up and running with V-Ray quickly and easily.

New to V-Ray for Maya?

To get started, follow our series of beginner-friendly tutorials. Learn the basics and unleash your creativity right away.

Getting started

See how to set up V-Ray, create your first camera, add basic lighting to your scene, and more.

Working with materials

Learn about all the essential steps you need to go through when applying materials to your scene.

Lighting your scene

Explore different ways to light your scene, create and customize setups for different times of day and contrasting moods.

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This series of in-depth articles and video tutorials are designed for users of all levels, from beginner to advanced.
Shading characters

Watch this video to learn how to set up the shading for a character using V-Ray for Maya.

Post-processing renders in the VFB

See how to make the most of V-Ray for Maya’s post-processing capabilities. Enhance your renders right from the V-Ray Frame Buffer with Light Mix, and more.

© Darko Mitev
Creating a sci-fi scene

We invited Darko Mitev to take you on a tour of ORIS City. Find out how V-Ray for Maya helped him create this intricately detailed cyberpunk metropolis.

Making a fantasy 3D character

CG Artist Taj Nabhani reveals the making of Jjahawa, a 3D character based on a concept by Roman Kupriianov. Taj covers the entire process, from modeling, using V-Ray materials and shaders, and lighting and rendering.

Creating a shadow catcher

Follow this tutorial to learn how to turn a plane into a shadow catcher to achieve more photorealistic renders. We delve into two different approaches you can use.

Creating rocks with V-RayTriplanarTex

Get familiar with the standard setup when using the VRayTriplanarTex to create rocks. Read to find out how to map textures and achieve a realistic result.

Setting up your ACEScg workflow

Learn about ACEScg and the workflow with V-Ray for Maya. We cover setting up ACEScg for rendering and display, both manually as well as using an OCIO configuration.

Curious to learn more?

Follow our Courseware for a comprehensive guide to V-Ray for Maya.

Tips & tricks

This selection of tips and tricks will help you make the most of V-Ray in Maya.


This series of webinars presents the features and updates in V-Ray for Maya's major versions.
V-Ray 5 for Maya

CG Specialist Cory Holm shares workflow tips and tricks and covers best practices for creating a cyberpunk scene using V-Ray 5. You’ll learn about everything from shading and lighting to applying final touches in the redesigned V-Ray Frame Buffer.

Watch webinar >

V-Ray Next for Maya

CG Specialist Cory Holm presents how to make the most of V-Ray Next for Maya, including the workflow improvements, intelligent tools, and speed boosts that can take your rendering capabilities to the next level.

Watch webinar >

Free scenes

These free scenes will give you a head start learning V-Ray for Maya. Each scene includes complete assets and renders. You can also use them to follow along with our tutorials.

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Help docs

Chaos documentation is the best place to find in-depth explanations per V-Ray feature, parameter and detailed information on various settings. 

See help docs

Chaos blog

Get all the latest V-Ray for Maya news, customer stories, podcasts and more.

V-Ray Personal Learning Edition for Maya

Explore V-Ray for Maya at a pace that suits you.
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