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V-Ray 6 PLE for Maya now available.

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© Troll VFX

V-Ray for Maya

Personal Learning Edition
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Learn V-Ray for Maya in your own time.

Explore V-Ray® for Maya at a pace that suits you. Take all the time you need to learn the smart features that can help you achieve fast, high-quality, professional results.

Discover a set of rendering and lighting effects to help you create photoreal visuals for film, 3D animation, design and advertising. From a single character to a full-blown environment, V-Ray for Maya helps you render anything you can imagine.

Access to an industry standard software

Discover production-proven ray traced rendering with a full suite of tools to create professional photoreal imagery and animations.

Flexibility to learn at your own pace

Study under a flexible schedule — whenever and wherever you find the time.

Key features

How do I use V-Ray Personal Learning Edition for Maya?

V-Ray Personal Learning Edition (PLE) for Maya is free for non-commercial projects, product evaluations, education and research. A license is granted for a period of three months. If you need more time to explore V-Ray for Maya, it's easy to renew your license when your old one expires. The Personal Learning Edition renders without watermarks.

 Some limitations apply:

  • Resolution is limited to 4K
  • No Distributed Rendering
  • No export of render-ready VRScene files
  • For more information visit our documentation

For a fully-featured evaluation, try a 30-day V-Ray for Maya trial.

Find out how V-Ray Personal Learning Edition for Maya compares to a V-Ray for Maya trial or commercial edition.

© Andrea Savchenko

Not sure where to start?

We’ve got you covered.

Check out our Learn V-Ray for Maya page for an easy-to-follow installation guide, courseware, tutorials and free scenes.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your V-Ray Personal Learning Edition (PLE) for Maya questions.
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