V-Ray 5 for Maya: beyond rendering

Make the most of V-Ray 5 for Maya’s new features.
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Join our free webinar and find out how you can go beyond rendering and make the most of V-Ray 5 for Maya’s new features.

Date: September 15, 2020

In this 50-minute session, host Cory Holm will share workflow tips and tricks and cover best practices for creating a cyberpunk scene using V-Ray 5 for Maya. You’ll learn about everything from shading and lighting to applying final touches in the redesigned V-Ray Frame Buffer.

We’ll go over:

  • The redesigned VFB with Light Mix and Layer Compositor
  • Light Path Expressions
  • The all-new V-Ray Proxy
  • Adjusting your materials using the Coat and Sheen layers
  • Removing texture tiling artifacts with the new Stochastic tiling option
  • Randomizing textures with VRayMultiSubTex
  • V-Ray Dirt procedural streaks
  • Material presets
  • ACEScg

.. And more! 

Did we mention that it’s free?


Meet the speaker

Cory Holm
CG Specialist, Chaos

Cory Holm has a broad variety of professional experience at the intersection of visual arts and technology. After he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Film, he worked in a variety of roles for several major tech companies. Eventually, his interest in 3D design inspired him to pursue freelancing and architecture visualization. Since joining Chaos, he has worked with V-Ray for Maya and V-Ray for 3ds Max, and assisted with training and product releases.

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