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Christian Lang, Peter Mitev, and Vlado Koylazov — Chaos/Enscape Merger


2022 began with exciting news: Chaos is merging with Enscape. Referred to as a slam-dunk for both companies, the business move will combine Chaos’ award-winning photorealistic ray tracing expertise with Enscape’s flourishing knowledge of real-time rendering. But what will it mean for the companies, their software, and their customers?

In this extra-special podcast, host Chris Nichols joins Chaos CEO Peter Mitev, Chaos CTO Vlado Koylazov, and Enscape CEO Christian Lang, to answer burning questions about the merger. The trio explains how they see the future of visualization, and how a combination of real-time and ray-traced rendering could blur the lines between arch-viz and VFX, reach a broader audience — and even power the metaverse.


Enscape >

Chaos and Enscape merger: Your questions answered >

Chaos and Enscape merger press release >



4:40 Introducing Christian Lang

8:46 Enscape’s origins

13:05 Going beyond rendering with Enscape

15:14 Peter on why Chaos and Enscape fit together

21:06 Vlado talks new workflows

25:33 Exploring Peter’s pyramid

29:22 New opportunities for Enscape

32:14 Combining VFX and AEC workflows

39:12 Vlado on the universal render engine

43:27 Peter’s vision of future visualization

50:26 Vlado’s take on the metaverse

53:12 The pros and cons of the metaverse

58:12 Christian and Peter on what’s next

About the author

Christopher Nichols

Chris is a CG industry veteran and Director of Chaos Labs. He can also be heard regularly as the host of the CG Garage podcast which attracts 20,000 weekly listeners. With a background in both VFX and Design, Chris has worked for Gensler, Digital Domain, Imageworks and Method Studios. His credits include Maleficent, Oblivion and Tron: Legacy.

Originally published: January 31, 2022.
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