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3D consulting and training services for enterprises.

Designed to meet your business’ unique needs, save you time and shorten your learning curve.
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3D visualization consulting and tailor-made training for your business.

Our services help companies maximize the value of our technologies and boost returns on their investment. With over two decades of experience in developing Emmy and Academy Award-winning technology for photorealistic visualization, we bring together industry best practices and capabilities to businesses across the globe.


Learn how we can help your business.

3D visualization consulting

Optimize content creation workflows.

Our experts will audit your 3D content creation workflows and advise on how to leverage best practices and the latest product improvements to reduce rework, optimize geometry, render settings, quality vs. render time, compositing workflow, lighting, and special effects.

Optimize scenes for performance.

We know that rendering times can be of significant importance to businesses. Our consulting team is there to help you optimize your scenes to reduce render times, get work done faster and hit deadlines.

Choose the right settings.

Not sure what the best render settings are for you? Depending on your specific needs, we can recommend a set-up for you and provide some general principles that you can follow to achieve the desired quality, speed, noise reduction, etc.

Improve the quality of your renders.

Feel that you’re not where you want to be when it comes to render quality? To help you level up and get better looking, photorealistic renders, we can provide you with proven methods that you can apply right away.

Introduce best practices.

We can also show you best practices and how to apply them to your existing workflow, saving you the time and effort it takes to find out on your own through trial and error.


Experiencing any issues with your scenes or workflow? Our consulting team can help you with the troubleshooting.


3D visualization is not among your business’ core competencies, you may not be sure where to start. 

Or maybe you already have some internal expertise but you feel that it’s time to step up your game or get a crash course on the newest features and workflows. 

Our team can help you either way, just let us know what your needs are and we’ll deliver a tailor-made training to help you reach any important milestone.


Here are just some of the companies that trusted us and used our services.

We needed high-quality, photorealistic rendering software that can generate synthetic images of damaged vehicles. The consultants and the expertise which Chaos provided helped us to both build expertise in 3D modelling and develop a methodology for synthetic data generation. This methodology, together with V-Ray, enables us to generate large amounts of synthetic data, improving the performance of our deep learning-based car damage recognition models. The partnership with Chaos helped us to quickly develop the synthetic data generation pipeline without building complex software and internal expertise in photorealistic rendering.

Reneta Ekimska, CPO at Ablera 

By choosing Chaos’ consulting services, we were able to tap their top 3D visualization specialists’ experience and optimize our 3D content creation workflows. This helped us to provide our users with advanced 3D rendering with photorealistic imagery and top-notch visualization tools. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the team at Chaos and driving the apparel industry's digital transformation together.

Sean Lane, VP Partnerships and Solutions at Browzwear

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