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Affiliate program

Earn commission for every online sale you refer.
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Become a Chaos affiliate

If you have a website, blog or YouTube channel focused on CG content, you can monetize your traffic by recommending Chaos products. Just sign up, get your affiliate links and start earning money.

Affiliate program Benefits

Top selling products

It's easy to recommend Chaos products and convert customers as we're trusted by 95 of the top 100 architectural studios and chosen by some of the biggest names in VFX and design.

Great commission rates

Get 10% commission on all products available in the program. Be sure to check out the full list and select the best performers in your affiliate account.

60-day cookie

Don't worry if the users you refer aren't purchasing immediately. If they return and make an order within 60 days, you'll still get the commission.

Attractive visuals

To help maximize your earnings, you'll have access to a large set of banners and landing pages designed to increase conversion.

Flexible payment options

Get paid monthly or bi-monthly via wire transfer, check or PayPal after a minimum transfer amount has been reached.

Great affiliate support

A team of affiliate managers is dedicated to your success with personalized tips and best practices to help you earn more.

About Chaos

Chaos is the maker of the Emmy and Acedemy Award-winning V-Ray rendering technology that helps artists and studios visualize their designs and animations with the ultimate photorealism.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Chaos Affiliate Program?

The Chaos Affiliate Program allows you to earn money by placing links to our products on your website. Visitors can purchase our products on the Chaos Online store through these links and we pay you a commission for the sale.

How do I join the Chaos Affiliate Program?

To join our Affiliate Program, please apply through the Avangate Affiliate Network. Once reviewed and approved, you will receive instructions on how to get started. 

What is the Avangate Affiliate Network?

The Chaos Affiliate Program is powered by the Avangate Affiliate Network. It's one of the top affiliate advertising networks focused on software and digital goods worldwide. It takes care of all commission payouts towards our affiliates. 

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

Becoming a Chaos affiliate is free. No setup fee, no start up cost, no hidden performance targets to reach.

How much can I earn in commission?

You will get a 10% commission for each confirmed online sale you refer.

Do I need to have a website to become an affiliate?

Yes, but affiliate links can be placed on other online properties as well, such as your YouTube channel or video. Content related to Computer Graphics and 3D art & design is preferred and tend to perform best.

Which Chaos products can affiliates sell?

Almost all Chaos products are available to be sold through the Chaos Affiliate Program. We advise new affiliates to get started with V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray for 3ds Max and Chaos Cloud. You can see the full list of products in your affiliate account and select the best performers. 

Is there a minimum number of sales that need to be referred?

No, there isn’t a minimum number of sales that we will require you to make. 

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