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© Andrei Lazar, Dade Orgeron
© Andrei Lazar, Dade Orgeron

“Undiscovered” Student Rendering Challenge Revealed

We’re inviting students around the world to show us something we’ve never seen before and win big prizes, including a V-Ray or Corona commercial license.

Ever wanted to play CG archeologist? Or put on a spacesuit and explore an alien galaxy? Or grab a magnifying glass and find a new species? With this year’s student rendering competition, you can!

The theme of this year’s contest is “Undiscovered,” and it’s a great opportunity to unleash your imagination and explore somewhere or something very new — or extremely old.

Invaluable treasures await intrepid explorers of the Undiscovered. Jury and Public Winners will pick up a V-Ray or Corona license, Chaos Cloud Credits, tickets to the Total Chaos 2020 conference and much more, while three runners-up will bag V-Ray or Corona licenses.

You have until December 1, 2019, to complete your adventure into the unknown.

Find out more and submit your entry

You’ll need to be well-equipped to take on our student rendering challenge. If you don’t already have V-Ray or Corona as part of your course, now’s the perfect time to make the most of our free fully-featured trials.

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Good luck, brave voyager! We’ll leave you with some inspiration from last year’s winners:

© John Jak Pagan

“I was quite intimidated to be submitting something so stylized and dystopian — and it was a surprise when I actually won!”

John Jak Pagan, Jury Winner with “Capsule”

© Isaac Zuren

“I had been planning on making a futuristic city since September last year, and when I heard that the V-Ray challenge was about ‘your vision of the future,’ I started adapting my idea to fit that concept. In a way, I felt the contest was perfect for what I wanted to do.”

Isaac Zuren, Public Winner with “Mexico City 2086” 

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