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V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, update 2

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Redefining connectivity.

Boost productivity and collaboration with seamless data flow across teams and applications. Effortlessly transfer Enscape scenes to V-Ray with the introduced initial compatibility. Fine-tune and add details to turn real-time designs into high-end visualizations. Complete your USD pipeline with MaterialX support, enabling freedom and collaboration in any VFX project. 

And much more.

Effortless data flow across applications.

New possibilities for seamless collaboration for archviz and VFX artists alike.
Initial Enscape compatibility
Effortlessly transfer data from Enscape to V-Ray. Fine-tune and add details to transform real-time designs into sophisticated, high-end visualizations. Preserve design decisions and ensure continuity from concept to final render, freeing up precious time to bring your creative vision to life. Learn more about Enscape VRScene Importer >

Note: Enscape 3.5.6 or above and V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, update 2 or above required.
MaterialX support

Complete your USD workflow with MaterialX. Now, you can render and seamlessly exchange shaders across teams using different DCCs or switch tools yourself.

Enhanced USD support

V-Ray now supports the latest official version of Autodesk 3ds Max so you can benefit from the latest functionalities and performance improvements.

Better and faster workflows.

Streamline your workflow with user interface enhancements and speed-ups.
Chaos Cloud one-click submit

Submitting your renders to the cloud is now easier and more convenient than ever. With just one click, access Chaos Cloud rendering. No need to leave Autodesk 3ds Max or wait for the scene to export before you submit.

Faster .vrscene export

Exporting complex scenes containing lots of scattering plug-in data can be time-consuming. Now you can speed up your workflow with up to 20x faster exports. V-Ray GPU's time to the first pixel has also been accelerated.

Unified V-Ray Lister

Manage all your lights and cameras from a single location. The V-Ray Lister now offers an enhanced user interface. Explore new features for bulk adjustments, filtering, searching, and more.

Even more powerful GPU rendering.

V-Ray GPU now lets you do more, faster.
V-Ray Enmesh

Tile 3D geometry patterns across objects to create complex surfaces with lots of detail for stunning close-up shots. Enmesh is ideal for creating intricate panels, fences, fabrics, and so much more, and it uses much less memory than displacement or copying by hand.

Faster animation rendering

Render image sequences up to 4x faster with V-Ray GPU. V-Ray now caches bitmaps between animation frames, eliminating the need for reloads, leading to a substantial increase in rendering speed.

Enhanced control for even more realistic scattering.

Explore Chaos Scatter's new options for creating even more realistic scatters.
Groups hierarchy

Effortlessly distribute multiple objects in groups or within a hierarchy. With Chaos Scatter, complex distributions are simplified to just a few clicks, streamlining your workflow and enhancing overall efficiency.


Create even more realistic scatters by controlling the distribution of objects based on surface height. Achieve natural altitude variance in vegetation, or experiment with the value for your desired look.

Look at

Boost realism by adjusting the orientation of scattered items—rotate away or toward a selected object. Choose an axis or tweak the Falloff curve for even more creative freedom.

The VFB keeps getting better.

Do even more in post and have finer control over your final images.
Chromatic aberration

Elevate your renders with added realism thanks to the new chromatic aberration post-effect, or explore and craft distinctive looks, directly within V-Ray's Frame Buffer—no third-party applications needed.

Watch video >

Custom background color

When performing color corrections in the V-Ray Frame Buffer, you can now opt for a solid color background instead of loading an image.

And more.

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Chaos Cosmos IES Lights

Illuminate your interiors faster than ever before. Our ever-expanding library of ready-to-render assets, Chaos Cosmos, now lets you import 3D light models, including realistic IES light profiles, in just a few clicks.

Enhanced UVWRandomizer

We've implemented several fixes and enhancements to the VRayUVWRandomizer.

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