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Michał Misiński — Film Director, Juice


Michał Misiński’s name may be familiar to regular listeners — this CG artist turned director helped previous podcast guest Ash Thorp create his Ghost in the Shell homage “Project 2501.” Michał is also a partner at Polish visual effects VFX studio Juice, directing videos for Porsche, Honda, Skoda, Dolby, and more.

Recently, Michał brought his talent and passion together for a music video that ties in with sci-fi RPG Cyberpunk 2077s Phantom Liberty expansion. Michał tells Chris about the process of shooting the music video, revealing how the team seamlessly blended CG and live-action, and made a physical actress look just like an in-game character. Michał also discusses the effects of big changes in the VFX and gaming industries. 


Michał Misiński > 

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Phantom Liberty Music Video on YouTube >

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0:04:01 The brilliance of THU

0:06:54 Michał's career: From a small to a big town; from Photoshop to After Effects

0:12:57 An eye for design and transitioning to directing

0:17:16 The exotic world of car commercials

0:22:41 Working with Ash Thorp on GitS homage "Project 2501"

0:28:35 "Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty" Music video and end credits

0:34:39 Ray reconstruction in "Cyberpunk 2077"

0:37:56 The story and pitching the project

0:42:06 Blending live-action and CG

0:43:58 Working with Juice to perfect the look of the video

0:48:52 Changes in the CG industry

0:55:10 A new world for concept artists - and gamers 

About Juice

Juice blends VFX, 2D/3D animation, Unreal Engine creations, original score, sound and visual design, brand identity, mixing, and postproduction to produce moving experiences in film, audio, and digital spaces. The tight-knit family of directors, composers, and artists has helped transform and redefine work for NETFLIX & HBO, BMW & Mercedes, Coca-Cola & Nike, Virgin Mobile & Dolby, Sony Entertainment, CD PROJEKT RED, or the BBC. They’re suckers for how big ideas look and sound, and they’ve traded many a weekend for sweating out the details that make them come alive. Offices: Wroclaw, Warsaw, Tokyo, and Shanghai, with over 100 people on board.

About Michał Misiński

Michał is a director recognized for his visually appealing mixed media world creations with a clean, design-driven style. His experience in VFX not only allows him to be daring with his creative concepts but also influences his storytelling skills, which have earned him awards for his work.

Michał’s skill set extends to directing automotive commercials worldwide, where his creative vision and expertise shine with international brands such as Porsche, Honda, Skoda, Mitsubishi, and more.

He has contributed to numerous projects, including the History Channel's "Vikings" trailer, "Project 2501: Homage to Ghost in the Shell," a non-commercial tribute to Shirow Amassment’s manga and Mamoru Oshii’s film, and a BBC campaign promoting the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, which earned him a BAFTA award.

Recently, Michał had the opportunity to direct a promo music video for Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty extension, which also serves as the game's ending title, further showcasing his prowess as a director in the industry.

About the author

Christopher Nichols

Chris is a CG industry veteran and Director of Chaos Labs. He can also be heard regularly as the host of the CG Garage podcast which attracts 20,000 weekly listeners. With a background in both VFX and Design, Chris has worked for Gensler, Digital Domain, Imageworks and Method Studios. His credits include Maleficent, Oblivion and Tron: Legacy.

Originally published: November 6, 2023.
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