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Getting totally educated at Total Chaos

With Academies, Masterclasses, panel discussions, presentations and more, Total Chaos was a perfect event for anyone who wanted to jumpstart their career in CG. 


Chaos Group Academy

A few days before Total Chaos 2019, we held our first Chaos Group Academy of the year. Nine participants from eight countries flew to Sofia, Bulgaria, to become certified V-Ray Mentors — the highest level of V-Ray certification available. 

The three-day academy started with essential rendering theories and V-Ray knowledge, continued with a hands-on workshop and concluded with training on the essential presentation skills required to pass on knowledge.

By completing the three-day course, the qualified attendees can now organize their own exams and accredit other V-Ray Certified Professionals. Congratulations to all our new V-Ray Mentors!

Click here to learn more about our community of V-Ray Mentors, if you’re interested in VCP exams, would like to attend a course, or simply need professional support with V-Ray.


Total Chaos 2019 kicked off with a dedicated day packed with opportunities to learn from industry renowned professionals. Read more about what happened during the Masterclasses at Total Chaos this year in our recap

Panel Discussion: 'Education — Take control of your future'

Before beginning an education in the CG industries, there are many things that prospective students must consider. Which university or college should you go to, and which course should you take? How will your tutors stay up-to-date with a rapidly changing industry, and how do you keep your skills topped up when you graduate? And why go to a bricks-and-mortar establishment when you can teach yourself online?

These questions, and many more, were answered by the “Education — Take control of your future” panel at Total Chaos. Hosted by Ian Failes, expert panelists included Blur Studio’s Oded Raz, Brick Visual’s András Káldos, and CG instructors Anthony Christov (IDEA Academy), Nicklas Byriel Pedersen (3D College Denmark) and Adán Martín (3D Collective), who each gave solid advice on education and skills development.

Adán Martín: Learning how to learn — How to keep your skills sharp in our fast-paced industry

Adán Martín, a co-founder of innovative visualization academy School-ing, showed us how to learn and keep our skills sharp in the ever-changing CG industry. With artificial intelligence, data-driven simulation and audio-driven facial animation just around the corner, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that machines can take on some of the roles of humans.

To be prepared for the future, Adán Martín advised on how to leverage creative potential, which is what machines still lack. He also highlighted the importance of active learning, curiosity and soft skills development to learn new techniques and develop creativity.

Learn more at Total Chaos

There were lots more opportunities to learn at Total Chaos, whether it was going behind the scenes of the latest blockbusters, getting career tips from top professionals in the industry or discovering the cutting-edge tech which powers exciting VR and AR experiences. 

Stay tuned for more info on Total Chaos 2020!

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