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Jonas Ussing — No CGI is really just invisible CGI

Rising YouTube star and VFX supervisor Jonas Ussing returns to talk about how he’s shining a light on the CG artists and studios omitted from movie credits.

Faruk Heplevent — Founder and CEO, The Scope

Building Scope City: Automotive photography expert Faruk Heplevent on founding The Scope and creating a revolutionary new tool for customizable urban backdrops.

Kim Davidson — President and CEO, SideFX

From flying logos to winning Oscars: SideFX’s Kim Davidson talks about how the company developed Houdini and became an important player in VFX.

Joe Letteri — Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, Wētā FX

Joe Letteri, the Academy Award-winning VFX supervisor behind “Avatar: Way of the Water,” talks about his career and reveals how new tech is changing the industry.

Peter Sohn — Director, “Elemental”

A life in movies: Elemental director opens up about telling his personal story through a Pixar animation, and reveals the difficulties of working with water and fire.

Joaquim Dos Santos — Director, “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse”

“Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse” director on how making series including “Avatar: The Last Airbender” helped him find the human heart in animated stories.

Benjamin Renner — Director, “Migration”

Illumination's “Migration” director Benjamin Renner shares his journey from 2D animation in France to 3D in Hollywood, and reveals what it’s like to direct a big movie.

Michał Misiński — Film Director, Juice

“Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty” music video director Michał Misiński talks about blending CG with the real world, shooting cars, and working with Ash Thorp.

Kyle Balda — Co-Director, “Minions: The Rise of Gru” & “Despicable Me 3”

Kyle Balda reveals his journey to directing “Minions: The Rise of Gru” and “Despicable Me 3,” and sheds light on Illumination Entertainment’s creative process.

Ryan Woodward — Storyboard Artist & Animator

A fresh perspective: “Spider-Man 2” and “Avengers” artist Ryan Woodward reveals how he works hard without burning out, and discusses his approach to storytelling.

Murai Sadayuki — Screenwriter, “Perfect Blue,” “Steamboy,” and “Millennium Actress”

The astonishingly talented screenwriter behind “Perfect Blue” and “Steamboy” shares his thoughts on Japanese storytelling and its relationship with the West.

Cláudia Cristovão — Head of Google Brand Studio & Social Lab APAC

Google brand expert and storytelling expert Cláudia Cristovão tells Chris how lessons learned from an ancient art apply to artists working in the modern world.

Amy Aniobi — Writer, Director & Producer

Head writer, director, and producer on HBO’s “Insecure” reveals how she got her dream job, and gives her thoughts on how auteurs and AI are shifting content.

Kevin Reste — Creative Operations Specialist, Artist, & Producer

Creative genius Kevin Reste has lent his expertise to some of the world’s biggest companies. Hear his insights into how AI will change the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Rothbart — VFX Supervisor, John Wick: Chapter 4

Discover how a 3D screensaver inspired Jonathan Rothbart to get into the industry and work on everything from “Men in Black” to “John Wick: Chapter 4

James MacLachlan — VFX Supervisor, “Ted Lasso”

“Ted Lasso” VFX supervisor James MacLachlan reveals how the hit Apple TV+ show used invisible effects to create realistic Premier League soccer matches.

Andrew MacDonald — VFX Creative Director/Supervisor/Flame Artist

From fear and loathing in Wales to happiness and contentment in a Flame bay: VFX veteran Andrew MacDonald reflects on an incredible career in film and ads.

Eric Durst & Matt Whelan — VFX Supervisors, “Five Days at Memorial”

VFX veterans Eric Durst and Matt Whelan on helping create the invisible effects that would earn Apple TV+ miniseries “Five Days at Memorial” an Emmy nomination.

Halsey Burgund — Artist & Technologist

Artist Halsey Burgund’s “Moon Disaster” uses a digital Nixon to deliver an alternative moon landing speed. He tells Chris more about this fascinating project.

Vladimir Koylazov — Co-Founder & Head of Innovation, Chaos

Chaos co-founder Vlado discusses Vantage 2 and virtual production, and shares his vision for the artificial intelligence-powered future of computer graphics.

Simeon Balabanov — Product Manager, Chaos Vantage

Chaos’ real-time ray-traced photorealistic rendering engine has just hit its second iteration. Product Manager Simeon Balabanov discusses what’s new in Vantage 2.

Hanno Basse — CTO, Digital Domain

From Thanos to She-Hulk: Digital Domain’s Chief Technology Officer reveals how machine learning and real-time rendering are transforming the VFX industry.

Terrence Masson — Chair, SVA MFA Computer Arts

Educator Terrence Masson talks about what his students learn in his exciting MFA and shares his incredible experiences in the VFX industry’s formative years.

Michelle Munson — CEO & Co-Founder, Eluvio

Michelle Munson revolutionized file transfer with Aspera. Now she’s launched Eluvio, a Web3 content delivery system that will power the future of streaming video.

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