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V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D, update 1

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Bring any idea to life, faster.

V-Ray 6, update 1 brings in powerful, new tools, and speeds up rendering.

Populate any scene with millions of objects in just a few clicks, and in the most memory-efficient way. Get artistic with light. Create cartoon-style looks in no time. Take your product designs and surface effects to the next level. Easily manage multiple objects and particle systems in even your most complex scenes. Render faster, and get data to optimize your scenes. Plus much more.

Create without limits.

Powerful, new tools allow you to unleash your creative potential.
Chaos Scatter

Instance millions of objects in just a few clicks. Quickly and easily populate any scene with vegetation, rocks, crowds, and more, without using lots of memory. Distribute the scattered objects exactly as you want to achieve the desired look. Get started now with assets from Chaos Cosmos >

Asset © Bruno Camara
V-Ray Toon Material

Aiming for more stylized visuals, or even something hand-drawn? Create 2D cartoon and cel shading effects in no time with the V-Ray Toon material. With great flexibility and fine control, you can easily create eye-catching renders.

Asset © Bruno Camara
V-Ray Toon Outlines

Easily add cartoon-style outlines to objects in your scenes. Just create a V-Ray Toon object and select the geometry you want to apply this effect to. Achieve different toon styles by adding multiple Toon objects with various outline styles and shades.

Cylindrical decal

Add anything from stickers and labels to different kinds of surface imperfections to bottles, jars, cups, cans, rockets, tanks, fire hydrants, or any other cylindrical object. Match the Decal’s projection to the curve of the object’s surface in just a few clicks.

Decal additive bump

Blend surface and decal bumps in no time. Take your product designs to new levels of realism with lifelike stickers, labels, embossed logos, lettering, and more. Or easily create effects such as spray or paint on a cracked wall, corroded metal, or any other bumpy surface.

Custom Light Decay

Define how much light is emitted over distance. With creative control over hotspots, light intensity, spread and length of the rays, and more, you can create any effect.

Asset © Mathien Aerni
Bump to glossiness

Does your character’s skin end up looking too shiny? No need to tweak anything. The new Bump to Glossiness node automatically generates the correct glossiness for normal-mapped surfaces at any distance.

User attributes

Easily manage data for multiple objects and particle systems in your scene. Custom User attributes let you control materials, textures, and other parameters at once.

MoGraph Color Shader support

With native support for the MoGraph Color Shader, you can now assign random colors to MoGraph objects or particles, and use effectors to colorize based on criteria.

Speed up your rendering

Better performance, faster rendering, and all the data you need to optimize scenes.
© Sasa Cigelj
Faster time to first pixel

Thanks to geometry compilation optimizations for static meshes and hair, we’ve more than halved the average time to first pixel — and made it up to seven times faster in some cases.

V-Ray Profiler

Get reports on the time spent calculating shaders and volumes, compiling geometry and displacement, loading bitmaps, and more. Locate all hot spots in your scene and optimize pipelines for even faster rendering.

Watch video >

NVIDIA AI Denoiser upscaling

We've integrated NVIDIA's new AI Denoiser that promises to speed your rendering up to three times. This option is best suited for look development and generating previews.

Streamline your workflow

Work smarter and save precious time to be creative.
Viewport interactive rendering

Save time with the new interactive rendering functionality that allows you to simultaneously navigate through your scene and make changes while it is being rendered — all inside Cinema 4D’s viewport.

Resumable rendering

Forget about having to start your render all over again because of a power outage, or because you realized you forgot to make a change. You can now continue your render exactly where you left off.

Do even more in the V-Ray Frame Buffer

More control in post, even after the render has finished.
Masking for post effects

Get even more post-processing control right from the V-Ray Frame Buffer. With this new masking option, you can decide which objects to apply lens effects to, which ones to blur, sharpen, or even denoise — all without re-rendering.

Test resolution

Render early previews at a lower resolution and save time. This new test resolution option inside the V-Ray Frame Buffer allows you to set the percentage you’d like to downscale the resolution for your test renders.

Power up your GPU rendering

V-Ray GPU increases memory efficiency, and adds new tools that give you more control.
© Vedat Afuz
Compressed Textures mode

Render texture-heavy scenes with V-Ray GPU in a much more memory-efficient way. With this new mode, you’ll save 50% of your GPU memory on average. Add an incredible level of detail without sacrificing shading quality.

V-Ray Clipper Mesh mode

Render complex cutaways and sections using any mesh object. In just a few clicks, you can also animate the clipper and achieve complex effects that would otherwise take a lot of time to create with Boolean operators.

And more.

Even better Cosmos experience

Make use of the Enmesh and Decal presets, and procedural materials available in the Chaos Cosmos library. Plus, V-Ray now detects missing assets when a new scene is loaded, and automatically downloads them for you. If assets are already downloaded on your machine, it locates and relinks them.

Enhanced procedural clouds

Create even better-looking skies with new procedural clouds options. Customize your clouds’ density, darkness, and patterns, and add final touches with contrails.

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