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Both music and computer graphics are related to our creativity

Young Bulgarian conductor Dimitar Kosev shares his first impressions of V-Ray

September 25, 2020

During the spring lockdown, when the opera houses were closed, the inspiring young Bulgarian musician Dimitar Kosev started experimenting with V-Ray to create his own CG images. In this short interview he shares his first impressions of the CG universe and the crossing point between music and graphics. 

Which of your numerous achievements do you consider as the best so far?

Success has a different meaning for every single artist. It is a matter of individual feeling.

For a long time, professional success was my priority. I received so many awards and so much recognition that, at some point, I realized that this praise should just serve as a catalyst for me to keep advancing in the right direction.  

I consider it a success that, at the age of 25, I was already a full-time conductor in two big opera theaters. The biggest achievement, however, is the fact that just in a few years we have produced some wonderful concerts and performances that made many people so happy.

What does the stage give you that you could not find anywhere else?

The stage brings a feeling of calm. Standing there, between the audience and the orchestra, brings a special feeling that is hard to describe. The trust and the emotions among the artists on the stage reveal the true essence of humans.

Where is the crossing point between music and computer graphics?

Both music and computer graphics are related to our creativity and the need to express our individuality. Anyone with imagination can create marvelous masterpieces both with music and with images.

How was your first encounter with V-Ray?

I have postponed learning V-Ray for a long time because I thought it would take months to learn how to use even the main functions.

It turned out that it is quite intuitive and easy to understand. The interface is designed in such a way that any creative idea and any thought can be visualized quickly — and in the best possible way.

If you had not become a musician, what would you be doing?

The pilot of a passenger plane . . . definitely.

What have you learned about yourself in these extraordinary times?

I have again realised how important my family and closest friends are to me. I have also understood that, although we are quite different, we depend on one another very much.

What are you dreaming about right now?

I dream of seeing that culture and art are becoming more valued and supported by everybody, despite all the difficulties and challenges that we are facing.

About Dimitar Kosev

Dimitar Kosev is the Chief conductor of the State Opera in Russe and is a Conductor at the State Opera in Stara Zagora. He was awarded “The Most Pronounced Young Persons of Bulgaria” Award by the JCI in the Cultural Achievements category and was part of the honourable list of Darik Radio “40 below 40” for young and inspiring Bulgarians in 2018. In 2019 Dimitar was awarded “The Golden Feather” award for his contribution to the culture and art in Bulgaria. He is the driving force behind the largest concerts in Bulgaria presenting rock bands and symphony orchestras together on the stage.  

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