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V-Ray for 3ds Max articles

iloura-game-of-thrones-vray-thumb.jpgIloura © HBO
Game of Thrones’ “Battle of the Bastards” scoops VFX Emmy

Iloura uses V-Ray to render effects for massive skirmish sequence.

eidos-montreal-deus-ex-games-vray-3ds-max-02-thumb.jpg© Eidos Montreal
Eidos Montreal - Deus Ex

Conspiracy theories and cyborgs clash in Adam Jensen’s latest adventure.

forge-morrow-plant-advertising-vray-3ds-max-thumb.jpgForge & Morrow © Flordis
Forge & Morrow - Medicine Grown From Science

Nature and science collide in this award-winning advertising campaign.

Volker Engel - Uncharted Territory

Heading into Uncharted Territory.

squint-opera-okido-television-vray-maya.jpgSquint/ Opera © BBC
Squint Opera – Messy Goes to Okido

Feeling blue: How this London-based architectural visualization studio brought Messy's crazy world to life.

showreel-cover.jpgIloura © HBO
V-Ray VFX & Animation Showreel 2016

Drum roll please - our new showreel is here!

parachute-tesla-fireflies-vfx-vray-3ds-max_680x390px.jpg© Parachute
Parachute FX - Tesla Fireflies

We talk to founder, director and VFX artist Sam O’Hare about this heartfelt testament to a much loved brand.

blur-halo-wars-2-games-vray-3ds-max-03-thumb-mag.jpgBlur © Microsoft
Blur – Halo Wars 2

Time stands still in this trailer for Microsoft's strategy sequel.

mackevision-porsche-mission-e-automotive-vray-3ds-max-02.jpg© Mackevision
Mackevision – Porsche Mission E

Mackevision animates gorgeous electric car concept for the Porsche Mission E.

victor-hugo-loish-art-vray-3ds-max-thumb.jpg© Victor Hugo
Digital Canvas: A Conversation with Victor Hugo Queiroz

Photorealism and cartoony stylization meet in this talented Brazilian artist’s work

den-brooks-pearl-studio-360-fly-mountain-bike-vray-3ds-max-01.jpgDen Brooks © Pearl Studio
Pearl Studios – 360fly

Pearl Studio gets its hands dirty for these gnarly renders of 360fly’s action cam.

blur-tom-clancy-white-mask-games-vray-3ds-max-01.jpg© Blur
Blur – Tom Clancy The White Masks

Blur convincingly digitizes Angela Bassett for this game teaser.

plastic-wax-lego-thumb.jpg© Plastic Wax
Plastic Wax – LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Plastic Wax creates plastic Padawans in this playful promo.

plastic-wax-injustice-2-games-vray-3ds-max-02.jpg© Plastic Wax
Plastic Wax – Injustice 2 Announce Trailer

It’s Batman vs Superman vs Wonder Woman vs Flash vs Aquaman vs Godzilla. OK, maybe not Godzilla.

the-boundary-renzo-piano-87-park-architecture-vray-3ds-max-06.jpg© The Boundary
The Boundary – Renzo Piano

V-Ray adds a touch of zen to Renzo Piano’s 87 Park.

flood-slicer-architecture-vray-3ds-max-05.jpg© FloodSlicer
Floodslicer's Photographic Approach to Digital Images

How V-Ray has helped this Australian architectural visualization company create amazing pics and flicks.

unit-image-for-honor-games-vray-3ds-max-01.jpg© Unit Image
Unit Image – For Honor E3 Trailer

Three tribes go to war in this epic video.

charles-willcock-tergo-vfx-film-poster-vra-3ds-max.jpg© Charles Willcock
Charles Willcock – Tergo: A Robot's Story

Do androids dream of not picking up trash?

ink-rado-advertising-vray-3ds-max-04.jpg© INK
INK – Rado Luxury Watches

INK's incredible art shows that Rado’s luxury wristwatches really are tough as nails.

CITPATI_Filmstill_2K_010.jpg© Filmakademie

We speak to Andreas Feix and Francesco Faranna, the brilliant minds behind this VES award winning graduation film.

blur-dishonored2-games-vray-3ds-max-02.jpg© Blur
Blur – Dishonored 2

The good, the bad, and the ugly meet in the trailer for one of the year's most tantalizing games.

lorrett-foth-thu-squirrel-art-vray-3ds-max.jpg© Lorett Foth
Lorett Foth – Gets Hair Just Right for CGSOCIETY’s Thu Competition

This globetrotting artist shows us that there’s more than one way to skin a cat in her iconic work for the
THU Tribe competition.

Available now – V-Ray 3.4 for 3ds Max and Maya

Free updates are now available for V-Ray 3.x for 3ds Max and V-Ray 3.x for Maya customers.

gensler-interview-architecture-vray-3ds-max-rhino-sketchup.jpg© Gensler
GENSLER – A Conversation with Senior Associate Jorge Barrero

Jorge tells Chris Nichols how Gensler has influenced architecture and design visualization.

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