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Archviz Masterclass with Creative Lighting

Next Masterclass on Oct 3, 2024.
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What is Masterclass with Creative Lighting?

Archviz Masterclass with Creative Lighting is a series of 8 free online classes* starting on Dec 7, 2023, and ending on Sep 26, 2024. Loaded with exclusive educational content by Nikos Nikolopoulos, Founder and Creative Director of Creative Lighting, these series will help you master archviz and lighting by leveraging both the wisdom of Creative Lighting's philosophy and the cutting-edge technology of Chaos software.

*The Masterclasses series will be available only as live online sessions, no on-demand recordings.

Why join?

No matter if you are just starting your archviz career or you already have extensive experience in the field, in these Masterclass series you will surely find something to remember, something to share with friends and colleagues, or a cool tip you would like to keep only to yourself 😀. Join us in this creative journey to learn more about composition and storytelling, advanced techniques in lighting, crafting realistic materials, mastering color palettes, and polishing projects to perfection. 

What will you get?

On top of all the learning and inspiration that you will accumulate during the Masterclasses, at the end of each class you attend, we will provide you with the following materials to help you practice what you have learned:

  • summary of the class content
  • scripts used during the class
  • free scenes to practice with

Everyone who attends all 8 classes will receive a certificate of attendance. 

The Masterclass series will end with a competition where you can showcase your best work, apply the techniques and insights you have gained, and get the chance to win incredible prizes from Chaos and Creative Lighting.


Each class will contain 1 hour lecture + 30-60 min Q&A session.
Masterclass 1: Mastering Composition and Storytelling

Look through the lens and master your composition and storytelling skills. You will learn how to unlock the narrative power of your architectural visualizations. This masterclass explores the fundamentals of composition and storytelling to help you create compelling, emotional images with Chaos software.

Date: Dec 7, 2023, 4pm CET

Masterclass 2: Advanced Techniques for Realistic Lighting

An overview from basics to brilliance, this class will teach you different techniques for realistic lighting and how to elevate your lighting game. We will explore advanced techniques to achieve realistic lighting effects using Chaos software, enabling you to add a professional touch to your images.

Date: Jan 25, 2024, 4pm CET

Masterclass 3: Exterior Lighting Strategies for Archviz

From dusk till dawn we got you covered. We will show you how to Illuminate your architectural scenes and master exterior lighting in archviz. From the subtle glow of dawn to the dramatic shades of dusk, we will go through all the essentials to bring your outdoor spaces to life.

Date: Feb 22, 2024, 4pm CET

Masterclass 4: Powering Up Your Scene Performance

Push the limits with advanced scene optimization and learn how to optimize your scenes for top-notch performance using Chaos software. Cut through performance bottlenecks to render faster and more efficiently.

Date: March 28, 2024, 4pm CET

Masterclass 5: Crafting Realistic Materials in Archviz

We will show you how to unlock the true potential of material realism in architectural visualization. In this masterclass, you'll learn how to craft everything from matte to glossy finishes designed to enhance realism using Chaos software. Discover the process that makes materials come alive in archviz.

Date: April 25, 2024, 4pm CET

Masterclass 6: Mastering the Color Palette

The key to creating balanced color schemes in archviz is hidden in understanding the psychology and technique behind them. Utilizing Chaos software as our canvas, this masterclass guides you through the art of choosing and applying colors that align and harmonize with your project's goals.

Date: May 23, 2024, 4pm CET

Masterclass 7: The Final Touch: Post-Processing

Time to polish your project to perfection and add the final touches that make it stand out. Using Chaos software as a starting point, this masterclass will teach you essential post-processing techniques, including advanced Photoshop tricks to elevate your archviz work to professional levels. Show what you have learned in the last months and enter an exciting competition.

Date: June 27, 2024, 4pm CET

Masterclass 8: Unveiling Brilliance: Competition Showcase

After seven in-depth masterclasses armed with the full capabilities of Chaos software, it's time to bring your new skills to the spotlight. This final session is a competition showcase where we review your architectural visualizations, winners will be announced, and we will reveal who gets incredible prizes from Chaos and Creative Lighting.

Date: Oct 3, 2024, 4pm CET

All audio, video, and written materials presented in the Masterclass series are property of Chaos and are protected by copyright law. Unauthorized recording, reproduction, distribution, or any other use of these materials without the explicit permission of Chaos is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

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The Competition

The competition will launch on July 15, 2024. The final projects should be submitted by Sept 16, 2024. The top three winners will receive a 1/1 coaching opportunity with Nikos from Creative Lighting and a Chaos license of choice.


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Who is Nikos Nikolopoulos?


Nikos Nikolopoulos is the Founder and Creative Director at Creative Lighting. He has provided corporate training to some of the world's leading architects, designers, and visualization studios, including Foster + Partners, Make Architects, Perkins&Will, Kilograph, Pureblink, Model Works, and more.

Renowned for his unique, cinematic approach to lighting, Nikos shares his expertise with the global CG community through masterclasses, workshops, and live events. Embracing the idea that inspiration can be found everywhere, he constantly seeks innovative ways to share his passions and creative knowledge with professionals across various industries.

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