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Chaos Affiliate program

Terms & conditions

This Chaos („Chaos“, “We” or otherwise using equivalent reference) Affiliate Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”, “Program”, “Terms” or otherwise using equivalent reference) is in addition to any and all terms and conditions of the - Terms & Conditions/ Affiliates Program Contract, which the parties hereby accept by reference. - Terms & Conditions/ Affiliates Program Contract may be found on 


We manually review and approve each application. Before you (“You” or “Affiliate”) apply, make sure your website content is relevant to our products. Chaos is open to working with all websites that comply with our terms and conditions, however, computer graphics, 3D art & design specific websites tend to perform best. Please be aware that incentive sites cannot promote Chaos, including vouchers, coupons, discount codes, or enter users in any type of competition or prize draw. Any Affiliate that fails to comply with these outlines will see their relationship terminated immediately and any commission earned reversed.

We do NOT accept: 

  • Paid search traffic bidding on our brand keywords or misspellings
  • Paid search traffic directly linking to
  • Traffic from social media networks, except YouTube
  • Traffic from clickbots
  • Error fare traffic
  • Incentivized traffic (including Cashback sites)
  • Toolbar sites
  • Website forums
  • Websites that are under construction
  • Websites that are non-functional (including links)
  • Websites where the content is not complete
  • Websites that scrape our content and misuse our brand identity
  • Adding our products and affiliate links on your Online store or otherwise imitate the capacity of, or simulate authority to operate as, a Chaos reseller or distributor (i.e., channel partner), in the Territory or any other territory.
  • Blogs that are not maintained with new content
  • Promoting piracy and content created using piracy software
  • Promoting our campaign to pornographic, racist or crime related content
  • Cookie stuffing
  • Custom Affiliate creatives (unless authorized or requested from Chaos)
  • Placement of our brand that is not clear and transparent
  • Sub-affiliates
  • Violation of laws, rules and regulations 
  • Violation of specific regulations - the Affiliate will remain in compliance with the specific domestic and EU regulations as regards its own and the Chaos industry, e,g, if email marketing is allowed for You, then You must comply with the “can spam” act. NOTE: All email marketing content and creative content must be signed off by the Chaos team. If allowed, operating editorial publications must also comply with the new rules of the FTC when endorsing or recommending Chaos products and disclose that the Affiliate website is compensated.

COOKIE LIFE: 60 days


Prohibited Website Domain Keywords
The Affiliate shall not (directly or indirectly) register, acquire or obtain Internet domain name(s) which incorporates any word or words which are identical, or confusingly or substantially similar to "Chaos", "Chaos Group", ”Chaos Cloud”, “V-Ray”, ”Phoenix FD”, “VRscans”, or any variations, translations or misspellings thereof, included as part of the address. In the event that the Affiliate has or uses a (domain or application) name (confusingly) similar to the Brands (the "Similar Name") for the Affiliate Platform(s), the following applies. The Affiliate shall not, directly or indirectly: (a) bid on or purchase internet placement rights for the Similar Name or any part or similarities thereof in any manner in any of its advertising or marketing. (b) drive traffic to the Similar Name through the use of translation or misspelling variants of the (domain/app) name, whether done through the use of metadata (tags, titles, descriptions) or keyword bidding.

Landing Pages
- The Chaos website cannot be framed by an Affiliate or Affiliate landing page using iframes, NO use of toolbars, browser applications and/or extensions that can be knowingly or unknowingly installed on the user’s computer or other devices, or any other kind of similar technique;
- Affiliates need to make sure that the look & feel differ from the actual website of Chaos;
- Affiliates need to display their own logo and contact information.

Search Marketing Campaigns

The Affiliate agrees and warrants that it shall not conduct, undertake, use, perform: 1. any activity to unfairly influence the results of Third Party Platforms, or 2. any other form of online targeted advertising (whether directly, indirectly, or via or through Third Party Platforms) in respect of: (i) the Platform; (ii) the Data; (iii) the Brands; (iv) associated 3D rendering brands (unless the owner of such 3D rendering brands has given its prior written consent to the Affiliate for the use of that specific 3D rendering brands).

Special Instructions for Search and Display Marketing
The Affiliate shall avoid all forms of trickery when promoting and marketing the Platform. If the Affiliate is perceived to be jeopardising’s own position, brand or goodwill in/on Third Party Platform or elsewhere, through any underhand promotional or marketing techniques, the Affiliate shall upon first request of cease and desist such activities. If (Platform) is detrimentally linked to promotional or marketing activity by the Affiliate (Platform), the Affiliate agrees to promptly comply with reasonable requests of to remedy. During any remedial period shall be entitled to postpone its obligations or immediately terminate its Policy. Ad hijacking of’s PPC ads or direct linking to is strictly prohibited, any Affiliate who is conducting this activity will be immediately blacklisted and all commissions reversed. All Affiliates must provide content that is of value and beneficial to the customer and shouldn’t use PPC as a redirect. Affiliates should refrain from creating PPC ads that either contain the URL and should not click through to the ad or redirect to

These below represent the keywords that Affiliates are prohibited from outranking Chaos in their search marketing campaigns:
- “Chaos” used as single Keyword. An exact match of Chaos has to be added as a negative keyword to all Your paid search campaigns;
- Use of the “Chaos” & “Chaos Group”, vray, v-ray, chaos group, chaosgroup, phoenix fd, vrscans, chaos cloud, etc., our top performing brand phrases + generic terms or other similar denominators is prohibited;
- Use of any variations, typos of brand names, or misspellings variations of the above keywords is prohibited;
- Affiliate shall not use the Chaos’s Trademarks in any online search engine marketing campaigns, without Chaos written approval;
- Affiliate can’t bid on Chaos name or phrases including Chaos Trademark. The bidding on non-branded keywords shall be done only after obtaining permission from the Chaos team;
- “Original” or “Official” cannot appear in any ad titles or descriptions.

а) Using the above protected keywords or Chaos brand term in the sub folder of the display URL (e.g. is not allowed if Chaos is used as a compound word. Furthermore, using the above protected keywords or the Chaos brand term is not permitted for use in path1 or path2 of the display URL.
b) Using the above protected keywords or the Chaos brand term in the subdomain of the display URL (e.g. is not allowed if Chaos is used as a compound word.
c) Using the above protected keywords or the Chaos brand, or misspelling of any sort (including typos), in the display URL (e.g. or is not allowed

- Negative matching for the above Chaos protected keywords is required from You.


Social Media Properties

- Affiliates are not allowed to create new Social Media Channels related to the Chaos brand and they are encouraged to redirect their clients via the official Social Media Channels of Chaos, including but not limited to,

Vouchers and Disounts

Please be aware that do not provide voucher codes to customers. Any Affiliate that is found to be listing vouchers offering a discount from will have their commission reversed for those transactions, and will be removed from the Program. 


Fraud Management

- Disregarding this Policy will be documented by the Digital Marketing Team of Chaos
- Violation of these rules result finally in Cancelation of all relevant transactions and termination of partnerships with Chaos.



Use of Creative
It is strictly forbidden to make any alteration to the banner creative provided on the Program as well as the codes provided for the widgets. Affiliates must only use the creatives and widgets provided by the Chaos program and are not allowed to create their own. Should an affiliate require a customised design, new text link or different banner size, the request must be sent to the Chaos team at for approval. Affiliates are also requested not to hardcode banners into their sites. If your site requires banners to be hardcoded, please contact the Chaos team to obtain permission before putting this in place. This will allow us to contact you whenever updates are necessary. 

Notice Period
Either party can terminate this Policy for any reason at any time. Provisions which by their nature should survive termination, will survive termination. 

The parties agree that the terms of this Policy, any and all information revealed to the other in connection with this Policy, whether or not in writing, shall be kept confidential. 

Indemnity and Liability
Affiliate will indemnify and hold Chaos and its successors and assigns, harmless from any and all third-party liability, claims, demands, loss, and damage (including reasonable legal fees and court costs) arising out of (i) a breach of this Policy or tort, and/or (ii) infringement of any intellectual property or proprietary right of another. 


This Policy, and any and all terms and conditions referred to herein, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning the subject matter hereof, and supersedes and replaces all prior or contemporaneous understandings or agreements, written or oral, regarding such subject matter.

No amendment to or modification of this Policy, or any waiver of any term or condition of this Policy will be binding unless made by Chaos in writing (digital form is acceptable). 

This Policy does not constitute and shall not be construed as constituting a partnership or joint venture between Chaos and affiliate. 

The rights and liabilities of the parties hereto will bind and inure to the benefit of their respective successors, executors, and administrators, as the case may be. 

This Policy will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria. The parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of, and waive any venue objections against, the courts of Sofia, Bulgaria, in any litigation arising out of the Policy.

Last updated: April 22, 2020

© 2024 Chaos Software EOOD. All Rights reserved. Chaos®, V-Ray® and Phoenix FD® are registered trademarks of Chaos Software EOOD in Bulgaria and/or other countries.