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Square Enix © Goodbye Kansas
Square Enix © Goodbye Kansas

V-Ray 6 for Houdini, update 2

Redefining connectivity.
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Next-level creative collaboration and connectivity. 

Ensure work continuity and smooth collaboration with MaterialX support in V-Ray for Solaris and an even more powerful V-Ray Hydra Delegate. Experience seamless asset transfer between departments, studios, and digital content creation tools. Elevate your creative control and iteration speed with grooming and shading enhancements, and much more.

Elevate creative collaboration to new heights.

Facilitate seamless asset transfer between departments or studios, promoting work continuity and efficient collaboration.
MaterialX support in V-Ray for Solaris

Complete your USD workflow with newly introduced support for MaterialX (MtlX) in V-Ray for Solaris. Now, you can create and render all standard MtlX shading nodes, including the Standard Surface material, ensuring a seamless exchange of shaders across teams and tools.

Houdini 20.0 compatibility

V-Ray now supports the latest Houdini version, so you can benefit from the many important features that it introduces. Render Hydra Ocean and Feather procedurals, or add light textures or shading networks through Light Filters to achieve the desired effect.

Enhanced V-Ray Hydra Delegate

Now you can do even more in V-Ray for Solaris thanks to an enhanced V-Ray Hydra Delegate. We’ve added support for V-Ray Environment Fog and V-Ray Toon. Light Path Expressions have also been powered up with chaining and multiple light tags. Plus, we now support V-Ray post-translate scripts for more advanced pipelines.

More creative control, faster iterations.

This update streamlines grooming and shading, providing more artistic control and faster iterations.
Enhanced V-Ray Fur

Apply V-Ray Fur to Alembic files, utilizing procedurally generated fur for detailed grooms. Leverage asset caching to speed up interactive rendering, getting your iterations as close to real-time as possible. V-Ray Fur now supports displacement and motion blur, simplifying the creation of realistic peach fuzz.

Material Overrides for Volumes

V-Ray now enables material overrides for volumetric effects, allowing you to swiftly and universally replace or modify materials within your scene. With this feature, you can make consistent changes across the entire scene, test and iterate more efficiently, and more.

Creativity accelerated.

Discover new options for finer creative control, a simpler installation process, and more.
Light Directionality Strength

Illuminate your scenes with complete artistic control over the spread of a light's directional intensity. Add that final touch of magic to your lighting setup.

Chromatic aberration

Create a distinctive and creative aesthetic for your scene with the chromatic aberration post-effect right from the V-Ray Frame Buffer.

User interface enhancements

Streamline asset creation by consolidating complex shading networks in the V-Ray Material Builder. Gain control over Tri-Planar texture projection with the new Cubic projection option. Plus, better bump map scaling at higher resolutions, improved Light Mix output grouping, and more.

Unified V-Ray installer

We've simplified the installation process by introducing a single V-Ray build compatible with all major Houdini versions released by SideFX. This saves you time searching for the correct build when a new version is released.

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