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Chaos Vantage 2

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What's new in Chaos Vantage

Chaos Vantage 2 adds powerful new capabilities enabling you to convey your designs even more effectively. Enhance your real-time editing experience with NVIDIA’s powerful denoising technology. Toggle between different moods and variations of your project with the scene states. Visualize realistic vegetation moving in the wind and animated people interacting with their design. Composite your images with support for popular render elements like “back to beauty” and material and object masks. And much more.


NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 denoiser

NVIDIA’s AI-powered DLSS 3.5 denoiser enhances rendering speeds by up to three times while preserving visual fidelity.

It employs Ray Reconstruction to sharpen images and reduce noise, while panning around a scene. Enjoy a much better real-time experience allowing you to review and fine-tune scenes with exceptional quality, all while maintaining the accuracy of colors and lighting.

Explore & showcase limitless design possibilities

Scene states

Assign different light setups, materials, object transformation, and post-process looks to different cameras. Add animations for smooth transitions between different states. Easily recall and send them for batch rendering.

Light creation and placement

You can now create various types of lights directly in Vantage. Use the advanced placement options to achieve lookdev directly in Vantage without any DCC dependency.

Camera grouping with states override

Enjoy a much better and more structured method of grouping cameras and assigning states to these groups. Perfect for over-the-shoulder discussion with clients.

HDR Monitor support

Make your projects extra radiant with HDR monitor support.

Produce high-quality renderings in record time

Deforming meshes

Bring people and vegetation to life and create richer animations for your project presentations.

Render Elements

Add the most popular render elements, as well as object and material masks, to fine-tune your images in post.

Support for Anima4D assets

We’ve partnered with AXYZ to provide support for its high-quality 3D library of animated 4D people and crowds.

Extended animations

Take even more .vrscene animation effects into Vantage. From flickering and fading lights to animating the tiling offset, your animated materials, textures, and lights now work seamlessly in Vantage.

© Bertrand Benoit

Populate your scenes with millions of objects in just a few clicks. Our new scatter tool allows you to quickly and easily create forests, fields, crowds, and more.

Visualize every element of your scene as you design

Refraction glossiness

Create realistic frosted glass effects using the newly added refraction glossiness parameter in V-Ray Material.

© Bertrand Benoit
Scattering fog

Set the mood for your scenes with realistic environmental effects such as god rays, light shafts through windows, streetlights, with volumetric fog with realistic light scattering.

Orthographic cameras

Easily create top-down or facade renderings with the orthographic camera projection.

Support for Mesh Lights

Turn any geometry into a direct light source for even more artistic lighting. Mesh lights are now rendered much faster than before.

Nested .vrscenes

V-Ray scenes can now be referenced via the VRayScene object allowing sharing of the entire scene between different V-Ray integrations.

NVIDIA AI Denoiser with upscaling

Employ the NVIDIA AI Denoiser when rendering high-quality output to automatically remove noise. Use the upscaling mode to increase the frame rate and responsiveness in interactive rendering.


Add plenty of dynamic lights to your scene without worrying about performance or resource constraints. Vantage implements NVIDIA RTXDI with its Direct light reservoir sampling feature.

Support for multiple UV channels

Enrich your projects by creating sophisticated materials such as stacking labels or adding decals with newly added support for multiple UV channels.

Аnd more…

Quality presets

Quickly choose between quality and interaction speed with a single slider, allowing you to set Vantage for high-quality rendering or faster feedback.

Refreshed UI

Vantage 2.0 gets a facelift. Enjoy a refreshed user interface with a modern look and feel.

Support for AMD GPUs

Vantage can now run on DXR-compatible* AMD graphics cards.

*System requirements

Windows 10 with Update 2004 or newer (version 10.0.19041)
DXR compatible NVIDIA or AMD GPU (maximum of two)
For NVIDIA GPUs -RTX series or newer, required driver 515 or newer, recommended driver 530 or newer
For AMD GPUs - RX 6000 series or newer
System RAM should equal or exceed GPU memory (minimum 8GB RAM)

For the full list of new features and enhancements, check out our documentation page >

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