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Chaos Vantage — Key features

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Real-time rendering

Render your scenes in 100% ray traced real-time through the power of DXR-compatible GPUs. Enjoy physically accurate cameras, lights, and materials while retaining game-like interactivity.

Live Link animation rendering

Get a live raytraced view of your scene, and render animations with a live link from 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, and Cinema 4D. Changes you make in your scene will instantly appear in Chaos Vantage.


Employ the Vantage native denoiser for real-time noise reduction, leverage the NVIDIA AI DLSS 3.5 Denoiser for high-quality output, or enhance denoising capabilities with the option of Intel Open Image Denoise.

Batch rendering

Easily queue camera views and animation sequence jobs in the render queue.


Live link

Instantly sync changes done to the scene in your DCC without exporting vrscenes.

Material workflow

The material tab lets you easily preview, assign, replace, and search materials for an interactive workflow.

3D navigation

Navigate and direct your cameras using the popular 3DConnexion SpaceMouse controller.

HDR Monitor support

Make your projects extra radiant with HDR monitor support.

Quality presets

Quickly choose between quality and interaction speed with a single slider, allowing you to set Vantage for high-quality rendering or faster feedback.

Animations & special effects

Deformed meshes

Animate people and vegatation and create richer animations for your project presentations.

Animation Editor

Easily create animations by dropping cameras, adjusting length, adding transitions and exporting video or image sequences.

Extended animations

Take even more .vrscene animation effects into Vantage. From flickering and fading lights to animating the tiling offset, your animated materials, textures, and lights now work seamlessly in Vantage.

Scattering fog

Set the mood for your scenes with realistic environmental effects such as god rays, light shafts through windows, streetlights, with volumetric fog with realistic light scattering.


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Global Illumination

Vantage GI is developed to provide maximum lighting accuracy at interactive rendering speed.

Ambient occlusion

Add detail to your renderings with contact shadows using raytraced ambient occlusion.

Geolocated time of day

Perform accurate light studies by quickly and easily setting up the sun for a given date, time and location. Create daylight time-lapse animations with minimum effort.

Sun & Sky

Render realistic daylight for any hour of the day and create any type of cloudy sky with the user-friendly yet powerful procedural cloud system.

Accurate lights

From physically accurate Area lights, to IES lights with real world measured light distribution, to simplified point and spot lights, Vantage renders your lights with raytraced accuracy.

Light instancing

Light instances are preserved and can be controlled easily.

Light creation and placement

You can now create various types of lights directly in Vantage. Use the advanced placement options to achieve lookdev directly in Vantage without any DCC dependency.


Add plenty of dynamic lights to your scene without worrying about performance or resource constraints. Vantage implements NVIDIA RTXDI with its Direct light reservoir sampling feature.


Scene states

Assign different light setups, materials, object transformation, and post-process looks to different cameras. Add animations for smooth transitions between different states. Easily recall and send them for batch rendering.

Real-world cameras

Use real world camera parameters and work like a virtual photographer — add depth of field and motion blur to your renders.

Auto Exposure

The camera exposure adjusts automatically as you navigate in your scene.

Bloom effect

Add the popular lens effect to simulate the real-world interaction between the light sources and the camera.


Composition guides overlays make it easier to find the perfect frame.

Orthographic cameras

Easily create top-down or facade renderings with the orthographic camera projection.

Materials & textures

Decal with cylindrical projection

Easily add stickers, labels, and other graphics to flat surfaces or cylindrical objects like bottles and jars. Adjust the Decal's projection to perfectly align with the object's surface curvature in just a few clicks.

UDIM texture support

With UDIM texture support, UV mapping and texturing workflows become easier, simplifying UV map generation and texture assignment. Additionally, Vantage is now capable of rendering UDIMs.

Refraction glossiness

Create realistic frosted glass effects using the refraction glossiness parameter in V-Ray Material.

Shading support

Support for Clear coat in V-Ray Material, V-Ray 2 Sided Material, Glossy Fresnel reflections, Substance textures, VRayBlendMtl, V-Ray MultiSubTex, MultiTexture, ForestColor, Normal maps, and more.

One-click clay override

The powerful Clay option significantly streamlines the material overrides process when setting up lighting or presenting early designs.

Material Coat

Add reflective coating to your material to achieve effects like varnished wood or metallic paint.

Multiple UV channels

Enrich your projects by creating sophisticated materials such as stacking labels or adding decals with newly added support for multiple UV channels.

Dynamic textures

Vantage automatically resizes the scene textures and uses the most optimal size. This greatly improves memory efficiency and allows you to load even larger scenes.

Normal maps

Add depth detail like bumps and dents to improve the realism of your surface material.

Image sequences as textures

Turn the TV on or light up the fireplace by using image file lists to animate textures.


Remove repeating patterns and add more realism to your textures using randomization controls.


Chaos Cosmos integration

A collection of high-quality, render-ready 3D assets, HDR images and materials that quickly add believable entourage to your interior or exterior scene.

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Chaos Scatter

Populate your scenes with millions of objects in just a few clicks. Our new scatter tool allows you to quickly and easily create forests, fields, crowds, and more.

Support for Anima4D assets

We’ve partnered with AXYZ to provide support for its high-quality 3D library of animated 4D people and crowds.

Mesh Lights

Turn any geometry into a direct light source for even more artistic lighting. Mesh lights are now rendered much faster than before.

Hair & Fur

Create realistic carpets, rugs, animal pelts and even grass with Vantage’s support for V-Ray Fur. You can also achieve lifelike hair with precise highlights and customizable glint and glitter controls with the support for VRayHairNextMtl.


Create intricate geometric details from textures, ideal for designing bas-reliefs, pavements, brick/stone walls, and similar structures that are challenging to model manually.

Post production

Render Elements

Add the most popular render elements, as well as object and material masks to fine tune your images in post.

Filmic Tonemapping

Simulate different real-world films’ color gamma to color correct images.

Color correction

Remap the image colors using present color corrections from a LUT file.

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