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© Gregory Glezakos

Chaos Phoenix 5, update 2

Power up your simulations.
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Update 2 adds support for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya 2025.
Packed with powerful new features to give you even more creative control and open up new exciting simulation possibilities. That’s not all — we’ve also made a number of user interface enhancements and implemented significant speed ups, allowing you to get the job done faster and more efficiently — leaving you with more time to unleash your creativity.


Rocket fuel for your simulations.

Speed up your simulations and unlock new possibilities with even more creative control.
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Enhanced performance

Get the job done faster with this update’s performance enhancements. With faster liquids, particle textures and previews, cache generation, and more, Phoenix simulations are now up to 20% faster compared to Phoenix 5.10.

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Enhanced user interface [3ds Max]

A quicker and more customizable Floating User Interface for the Simulation, Rendering, Preview, Scene Interaction, and Input rollouts. Plus, a new, floating window to dock and arrange Phoenix Simulator rollouts as desired.


Take command of fluid emission like never before. The new Directed Velocity option inside the Phoenix Sources allows you to effortlessly create velocities in the desired direction or even leverage the power of texture maps to influence them.

Enhanced Ocean

Save precious setup time and get realistic results faster thanks to added support for ocean rendering with adaptive grid. The adaptive grid can now expand vertically* for ocean scenes, eliminating the need for manual tweaks.

*Only vertical adaptive grid expansion for Ocean simulations is supported.

Fine control over Active Bodies

Create even more realistic watercraft animations. You can now lock the rotation of an Active Body clone object to the original object, allowing boats to lean while turning.

Simulation Speed rollout

Optimize your simulations with the help of the new Simulation Speed rollout. Gain valuable insights into the most time-consuming aspects of your simulation, and get useful tips on how to speed them up.

Streamline your workflow.

Get the job done faster and more efficiently and free up time to be creative.
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Improved V-Ray CPU IPR support [Maya]

Receive instant feedback to fine-tune your simulations or explore different looks with improved support for V-Ray CPU’s Interactive Production Rendering. Save time to be creative.

TexUVW Isosurface support [Maya]

Transport texture coordinates along fluids during simulation and use them together with the Isosurface render mode to create advanced render-time effects.

Streamlined preset creation

Create toolbar presets even without a selected object. If no object is selected a sphere is automatically created and used as an emitter for the simulation.

Deadline Simulation Submissions

Preview simulations when running simscenes through AWS Thinkbox Deadline thanks to the Phoenix Standalone Previewer. Plus, see how the simulation progresses when submitting .max scenes.

And more.

See the complete what’s new list for Phoenix for 3ds Max and Phoenix for Maya.

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