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Alex Yolov & Gosho Genchev — Product Managers, V-Ray for Maya & Houdini


With V-Ray 6 for Maya and Houdini, update 2, Chaos adds an important feature to its powerful renderer: MaterialX support. With this addition, artists and studios can seamlessly use materials across different DCCs and get identical results, removing many of the pain points of increasingly complicated modern 3D pipelines.

In this podcast, V-Ray for Maya Product Manager Alex Yolov and V-Ray for Houdini Product Manager Gosho Genchev reveal how they’ve worked with studios to implement MaterialX in the latest software updates. They also tackle some frequently asked questions about MaterialX, such as how it works and whether it can be used with existing projects, and they reveal some of the additional features that have recently been added to V-Ray.


Free V-Ray trial >

Blog post by Alex and Gosho on MaterialX and V-Ray >

MaterialX official website >


0:04:40 What's new in V-Ray 6, update 2 for Maya and Houdini

0:10:16 Scattering lights and instances

0:14:33 Hydra and using multiple renderers

0:20:25 V-Ray fur improvements

0:23:21 How customer feedback is improving V-Ray

0:28:01 What is MaterialX and how does it work?

0:33:24 Transfering an optimized shader

0:37:09 Adapting MaterialX for specific effects

0:42:43 Can you convert existing scenes for MaterialX?

0:46:56 Why do customers want MaterialX?

0:50:46 MaterialX support in V-Ray for Houdini and Solaris

0:52:47 V-Ray for Maya MaterialX support

0:39:09 Joining Paramount Plus

0:40:12 How he became part of the incredible talent behind "The Creator"

0:44:20 What makes "The Creator" different to other VFX movies

0:49:34 Putting together the VFX jigsaw puzzle that was "The Creator"

0:54:32 Gareth's style of filmmaking

0:58:51 How Gareth Edwards always thinks ahead

1:02:15 New filmmakers in Hollywood

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