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Why choose Corona: 5 features for easy, stunning renders

Discover how Corona's features can simplify your workflow, meet client demands, and make your portfolio stand out with stunning photoreal renders.

If you're a 3D artist facing long hours, high client demands, and the need to keep up with the latest software, then simplifying your rendering process is a top priority. In this blog post, we'll explore how Chaos Corona can assist you in overcoming these challenges to achieve photoreal renders without breaking a sweat. 

1. Jump right in with Default Rendering Settings 

Corona's default rendering settings are a game-changer for artists, especially those just starting out who want to familiarize themselves with the software. With everything already set up, Corona is extremely easy to use and learn, saving you a lot of time. You can start rendering straight away with intuitive presets without getting bogged down by complex settings. This means less time adjusting parameters and more time perfecting your visualizations.

© Steven Bracki

What attracted me to Corona in the first place was its simplicity. It just felt a lot easier to use than many of the other render engines I have used in the past.

Steven Bracki, CG Artist

2. Seamless lighting adjustment with LightMix

Tired of re-rendering your scene just to adjust the lighting? Corona's LightMix feature helps you overcome that hurdle. The powerful tool lets you tweak and fine-tune the lighting of your scene during and after rendering, giving you greater control and flexibility. No more starting from scratch every time a client wants a change of lighting – with LightMix, you can achieve the perfect lighting balance with ease. 

I remember telling my girlfriend (also a 3D artist at Brick) about this new render engine, and she tried it out before me. Right from the first try she managed to do a really nice interior image with not one but two different moods using LightMix. I was hooked. I started watching tutorials, gave it a try, and fell in love.

Florin Botea, 3D Artist, Brick Visual

© Florin Botea

I always enjoy working with LightMix. It lets me set up different lighting configurations for different images without having to add multiple lights to the scene and re-render them. All I have to do is turn lights on or off or change their colors in the LightMix list, and, best of all, I can save an infinite number of images without having to re-render them.

Ewelina Lekka, CG artist, EL DESIGN

3. Built-in post-processing

Corona's built-in post-processing capabilities take your renders to the next level. From color adjustments to adding atmospheric effects, you can enhance your images without leaving the Corona environment. This streamlines your workflow, allowing you to polish your renders without the need for third-party software, saving you valuable time and effort.


The raw renders out of Corona have made our compositing a lot faster because what we get from the render is so nice.

David Greene, Director / Partner, IAMSTATIC

4. Time-saving denoising for clean renders

In a fast-paced industry, every minute counts. Corona's denoising feature helps you achieve clean, noise-free renders in a fraction of the time. By eliminating the need for excessive render settings to reduce noise, you can cut down on rendering time without sacrificing quality. This means you can meet tight deadlines and impress clients with stunning, artifact-free results.

I was ultimately very satisfied with the time vs. quality trade-off of Corona’s denoiser.

Ryan Grobins, Filmmaker, Nezui

5. Effortless scene detailing with Scatter and Cosmos

As a 3D artist, attention to detail is crucial. Corona's Scatter feature and built-in Cosmos asset library make adding intricate details to your scenes a breeze. Whether it's scattering objects with natural randomness or creating realistic environments full of life with Cosmos, these tools empower you to elevate your visualizations without investing excessive time and effort. And speaking of details, with the decals category in Cosmos, artists have an efficient way to project materials and stick them on as intricate details, adding lifelike realism to their visualizations and enhancing the overall quality of their work.

Thanks to the Corona Decal object, enhancing scenes with details is simplified to just adding a decal to a surface, adjusting it with a few clicks… and voilà!

Ewelina Lekka, CG Artist, EL DESIGN


Simplify your workflow today

With Corona's default rendering settings, Lightmix, post-processing, denoising, and easy scene detailing features, you can simplify the rendering process and achieve high-quality results quickly and easily giving you more time for creative exploration. With a portfolio of successful projects, you'll be one step closer to making yourself known in the industry. Embrace these features, and watch your workflow become more efficient, your renders more stunning, and your creativity soar.

Begin your rendering journey.

Discover an easy and seamless workflow for photoreal renders.
About the author

Ina Iontcheva

Ina is a Content Marketing Manager with a great passion for writing and the visual arts. She finds inspiration in exploring the way textures and shapes interact with each other in space.

Originally published: April 11, 2024.
© Škoda Design

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