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Articles by Ina Iontcheva

Chaos Campus Live Show Episode 4 Recap: Exploring lighting and human emotions

Want to know what a career in lighting is like? We put the spotlight on lighting designer Katia Kolovea, who gives us the scoop on her professional journey.

© Thilina Liyanage
3D Artist Spotlight: Thilina Liyanage

Can nature and architecture exist in harmony? Discover how Thilina Liyanage uses V-Ray for Sketchup to make animal and plant-based designs into livable spaces.

© Luis de la Rosa Beuzeville
Rookies finalist Luis de la Rosa has his say on V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max

3D artist Luis de la Rosa Beuzeville shares how to make the most out of V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max's newest features: Chaos Scatter, Enmesh and Procedural clouds.

© Luca Borro
Going microscopic with V-Ray for Rhino and Chaos Cloud Rendering

Science and art collide: Biomedical engineer Luca Borro reveals how he visualizes incredible organic molecules with V-Ray for Rhino and Chaos Cloud Rendering.

Stress-free archviz workflows with V-Ray

Discover the V-Ray features that give architects and archviz artists joyfully smooth rendering workflows, no matter which 3D modeling software they’re using.

3D Artist Spotlight: Yi Xiang

These ducks are on a mission. 3D artist Yi Xiang’s playful and dynamic short film “Rubber Duck Secret Lab'' demonstrates V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max’s latest features.

Chaos Campus Live Show Episode 2 Recap: Finding inspiration everywhere

3D artist, Ines Dga explains her work philosophy and gives some simple tricks on how to deal with tough clients in the archviz industry.

3D Artist Spotlight: Encho Enchev

Meet Encho Enchev, the artist behind our V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max launch video concept, and discover how he’s turned a passion for 3D into a successful career.

© Antireality Architecture
11 essential lessons to excel in archviz

Want to get ahead in archviz? Take some advice from the industry experts featured in the first edition of From Zero to Hero, Chaos’ inspirational series of talks.

When being multiskilled and hardworking pays off

From multimedia design and cabinet making to modern archviz, artist Lisa Jørgensen has taken the 3D world by storm with her diverse skills and passion.

Chasing your newfound passion towards a career in 3D

We’ve all heard about the success of 3D College Denmark’s program. We think it’s time to introduce you to its most promising students. First up, Michael Mayer.

Chaos Campus Live Show Episode 1 Recap: The power of self-discipline when chasing dreams

Chaos student rendering competition winner Isaac Zuren reveals the courage and discipline it takes to not only reach our dreams but keep on growing afterward.

Top 5 nodes Goodbye Kansas uses in Solaris for an efficient workflow

The key to a smarter workflow: nodes. Learn how Goodbye Kansas is using the building blocks of scene creation in Houdini to create powerful art.

© Miralumo
The secrets of "Napo:" How V-Ray rendered this astonishing short film

Miralumo's short film "Napo" explores how art reignites forgotten memories and bridges generational gaps. Discover how V-Ray for Maya helped produce the film.

© Audi of America
How to create photorealistic car renderings with Chaos Scans

Senior CG Artist Thomas Kaufmann shares how he uses V-Ray for Maya with Chaos Scans to communicate his vision and take his images to the next level.

© Embraer
How Embraer relies on the Chaos ecosystem to render their business jets

Up up and away: Embraer uses Chaos Scans along with V-Ray Collection to create impressive renders of commercial planes in 3ds Max. Dive into their process.

How Chaos Vantage speeds up CMGR's pipeline and boosts creativity

Seizing the opportunity: UX Designer and 3D artist Cameron Rule relies on Vantage to bring high-quality Kiwi architectural renderings to the world of arch viz.

© 3D College Denmark
Teaching at 3D College Denmark

Back in school: 3D College students are combining in-class lectures with online tools to further their learning. Nicklas Byriel updates us on his students’ achievements.

Chaos Campus Live Show Pilot Episode Recap: How to be a fearless 3D artist

Educators Nikos Nikolopolous and Nicklas Byriel reveal what it takes to enter the field of 3D, and how to stay motivated and creative. Plus, top Light Mix tricks.

© Creative Lighting
How Creative Lighting is shaping the inventive minds of arch viz professionals

Lightbulb moments: Find out how students at Nikos Nikolopolous’ Creative Lighting courses learn to take a cinematographic approach to illuminating their scenes.

How DesignMorphine bridges the gap between design and technology

How do you teach computational thinking? DesignMorphine talks us through how its new Master of Science program is creating and empowering designers of tomorrow.

Top 24 Chaos Cosmos assets of the past year

Our free asset library has turned one! To mark our anniversary, we’re sharing the most popular 3D assets from each category. Is your favorite asset among them?

© Allan McKay
Allan McKay on how to automate everything as a technical director

In Show 5, Emmy Award-winning Technical Director Allan McKay focuses on the importance of automating everything to optimize your workflow and reap the benefits of the scripts and tools made available in rendering software.

© Škoda Design
How Škoda accelerates car renders with Chaos Cosmos and V-Ray for Maya

Škoda Design uses V-Ray for Maya and Chaos Cosmos to create sleek visualizations of their latest car models. They share some of their best projects with us.

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