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October 7, 2016Halmstad, Sweden
3Dexpo: Virtual Reality
Step into simulated worlds at Creative Tools’ cutting edge event

Swedish software and hardware solutions company Creative Tools’ 3Dexpo returns — and this year it’s focused on the world of virtual reality.

The show will revolve around Creative Tools’ product range, and how it can create amazing VR experiences. Speakers from companies around the world, including IKEA, Adobe, Autodesk and MAXON, will explain how they’re exploring VR. And Chaos Group’s expert Yavor Stoykov will show how easy it is to use V-Ray to create immersive VR scenes. He will focus on the way rendering technology affects the choice between realism and interactivity, and review opportunities to optimize your workflow.

You can also try out the latest VR experiences at Creative Tools’ exhibition area, and there will be free lunch and refreshments during the event.

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