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V-Ray for Houdini, update 1 — available now

New features added to V-Ray for Houdini including custom AOV material input, IPR debug shading, an easier interface and much more.

We’ve just released a major V-Ray for Houdini update. Take advantage of new features — including an overhauled UI, custom AOV material input, IPR debug and more — while using your favorite renderer right inside Houdini.

New features include:

Custom AOVs
Smoother export of textures and procedural maps to custom render elements.

Custom attribute texture paths
Smooth randomization of textures with support for per-face and per-primitive string attributes.

Massive instancing
Memory-efficient instancing of large hierarchies of objects.

Debug Shading
Isolate selected textures and materials to help debug large shading networks in IPR.

Quick-select of cameras and V-Ray ROPs
Easy-to-navigate drop-down menus for render node and camera selection.

V-Ray Scene unpacking
Directly import assets from other DCC tools without the need to rebuild materials.

 Want to test out V-Ray for Houdini for yourself? Try V-Ray for Houdini free for 30 days. 

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