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Real-time and photoreal rendering in one.

V-Ray® for Revit is a versatile visualization toolset that brings you the best of both worlds—real-time visualization and photorealistic rendering. It’s everything all in one. And all in Revit. From beginner to pro, Chaos® V-Ray has all the tools you need to visualize your Revit projects from start to finish.

Real-time visualization

Experiment, explore and present your designs in real-time. Enjoy high-quality visualizations of your model without interruptions and no overload on your hardware.

Seamless Revit integration

All decisions live in the Revit project without altering the BIM database. All workflows are carried out within Revit—there’s no import/export.


Analyze a design according to its actual lighting and the true reflections and refractions of its materials.


Leverage V-Ray work created in other 3D tools such as 3ds Max, Rhino, or SketchUp for render-ready assets and reusable materials.

Custom entourage

Easily place custom 3D entourage in Revit without polluting your BIM database or impacting Revit’s performance.


Speed up your workflow with multiple processors (CPU and/or GPU), harness networked machines with Swarm, or use Chaos Cloud on demand.

V-Ray Collection

V-Ray® for Revit is also available as part of the V-Ray Collection: The ultimate 3d rendering and simulation toolset.

What’s new?

V-RayⓇ 5 for Revit, update 1 gives you powerful new capabilities at the click of a button. Automatically generate hundreds of natural lighting scenarios for your model with Light Gen. Convert Revit materials to V-Ray materials for advanced realism. Send multiple views to the cloud to render while you keep modeling. And more.

How to customize Revit materials with V-Ray.

Learn how to build on native Prism materials to produce materials that best represent your design intent. Extract them in the Asset Editor, apply V-Ray material workflows, and save them for reuse in other projects.

How to use Cloud Batch Render.

Learn how to simultaneously export multiple views for cloud rendering. Work freely on your model while Chaos Cloud takes care of the rest.

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