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Phoenix 4, update 4 for 3ds Max and Maya available now

Cause great-looking and completely customizable mayhem with active bodies collision, color absorption, massive wave forces and more new features and improvements.

We’ve just updated Phoenix 4 for 3ds Max and Maya to speed up your workflow and make it easy to create complex simulations with active bodies collision, color absorption, massive wave force and more.

New features include:

Active Bodies collision
Complete control over collisions between Active Bodies using the Bullet solver. Easily create effects such as colliding ice cubes in liquid, floating ocean debris or objects washed away in floods. 

Color Absorption  
A whole new level of volume rendering effects using Colored Absorption.  Achieve more control over smoke shading—change the light’s color as it travels through smoke. 

Massive Wave Force
Build highly realistic ocean simulations. Create real-world ocean waves, using the Massive Wave Force feature. 

Extended motion blur support on V-Ray GPU
Leverage GPU power to add motion blur to splashes and bubble mode in the Particle Shader. 

Faster rendering and simulations
Take advantage of various speed gains on simulation, rendering and previews.

Phoenix property lister window
Quickly access and change the Phoenix properties of each object in your scene—all in one place. 

Autodesk 3ds Max 2022 and Maya 2022 support
Phoenix is now fully compatible with the latest Autodesk releases. 

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