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Enjoy perfect views with Chaos Vantage 2, update 5

Our real-time ray-traced platform now supports VR headsets, and we’ve added new features including animated vegetation, rounded edges, partial opacity, and more.

Vantage 2, update 5, can help you experience your ideas like never before. With HMD headset support, you can step into your projects and explore them from a first-person perspective, facilitating informed design decisions and allowing you to find the perfect shot. We’ve also added features that subtly bring your scenes to life and empower your imagination, and it’s even easier to submit feedback and suggestions.

New in Vantage 2.5

Virtual reality

See your world from a whole new perspective. Vantage now supports head tracking and rendering to HMD headsets, enabling exciting interactive experiences.

Animated vegetation 

Vantage’s new “Wind” parameter makes supported Cosmos vegetation assets sway realistically, bringing your scenes to life.

Rounded edges

Every designer knows that there’s no such thing as a perfectly square edge. Now Vantage will smooth sharp edges, eliminating those harsh lines that don’t look quite right.

Partial opacity 

Vantage now offers adjustable per-object transparency, enabling smooth transitions between fully opaque and fully transparent states. This is perfect for making objects appear or disappear.

Ideas Portal

With the Ideas Portal, you can share your feedback and suggestions about Chaos Vantage. Submit your ideas, vote on others' contributions — and help shape the future of our software.

Experience incredible immersion

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